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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Blueprint Gaming are well known to a lot of real cash slots users, but it’s usually for their larger titles like King Kong Cash rather than Jewel Twist. This saddens us because this 5-reel slot we’re looking at today might not be a big one, but it’s enjoyable to play. What is more, it illustrates that you don’t need a string of overbearing features for a game to be appreciated.

Jewel Twist isn’t the first jewel based title to come from the brand, in fact they’ve done quite a few, and so the competition from themselves alone is high. But, unperturbed by that, they continued on and tried to introduce something new to the gemstones theme. We don’t quite think they succeeded in that respect, but they’ve certainly created another popular game for all types of users to get stuck into.

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In the Sky with Diamonds

To show you what we mean about competition, we’re going to run through a couple of similarly themed slots for you. They’ll sometimes be different in structure when compared with this one, but they’ll be winners if you love everything that shines. After all, since the launch of so many jewel popping apps and games, us players are eating diamonds like candy.

If you want to stick with the basics, we’d say Lucky Diamonds is right up your street. The layout is different to this one to say the least, but the primary focus is on gems and getting lots of them. Personally, we prefer Play’n Go’s version on a purely vintage level, but for attractiveness Blueprint Gaming comes out on top every time. Alternatively you can get an oriental fix at the same time as you play by opting for Jewels of the Orient, by Microgaming.

Do the Twist

You may have been pondering this prior to now, but there is a reason why the game is called Jewel Twist: there’s a twist upon the reels. Okay, so we’re trying to be clever and it failed, but in all seriousness there really is a twist, it’s even labeled as one. This symbol can crop up whenever you’re playing, but it’ll only work if in a large, consecutive group. When that happens, you’ll watch as the images change to that of another from the paytable, essentially changing a large section of the matrix.

When this happened to us, not only were we not ready for it, but we also landed a decent couple of credits to take home. Hardly the stuff of VIP lifestyles or high rollers, but a win is always going to flesh out that account, especially if the volatility of the action starts to wear you down. That being said, this isn’t going to be a good enough feature to keep you occupied for long, even more so when the novelty wears off.

Nice Range

We’d like to be talking about golfing, but we’re in fact talking about the betting range you have to work with in Jewel Twist; Blueprint seem to excel at accessibility. Not one of us can think of a single person who wouldn’t be able to afford the cheap wager of just 0.10 credits. However, if that happens to be you, it’s all okay because you can play the demo option instead.

Alongside being incredibly cheap and cheerful to play, you also have the fact that you can crank that total up to 500 coins. That’s quite the amount, but one that’s worthwhile if you want to win the big bucks; Jewel Twist has a changing paytable. The more you put down to bet, the better your wins, and we’re talking 250,000 wins.

A Firm Favourite

Having played Jewel Twist for just a short time, no more than 30 minutes, we can already tell you it’s one of our favourite games. It doesn’t rely on gimmicks to get you hooked, it just uses good old fashion imagery and gameplay, and we can’t get enough of it. In an industry that is always looking for the next big thing, sometimes a lot of brands forget that looking backwards can also be helpful.