Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You don’t need to be Irish to have heard the notion that Irish people are lucky, not only is it a common saying, but a lot of online slots play on this idea, like Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins. Boy that’s a lot to type out for just one title, but we don’t want you getting confused with its original version, Luck O’ The Irish.

Where does this idea come from then? If we’re going to play a so called lucky game, we’d like to know what makes it so good. According to the history books, this is linked to the time when the gold rush was big in the 19th century; most of the miners who struck gold were Irish or of descent. So basically people saw their luck and attributed it to their heritage and not that they picked a decent spot or had worked hard.

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Land of Rainbows

Have you ever played an Irish related game and there hasn’t been a rainbow included in the design? If you have we want to hear about it because it’s almost statistically improbable that it would happen; it’s a lucky Irish symbol that’s been around for generations. The idea being that at the end of that rainbow will be gold and leprechauns.

Blueprint captures these legends so perfectly that the interface is a flurry of Irish imagery; rolling hillsides, blindingly bright rainbows, and then lots of diamonds and jewels. The wealthy side of this slot machine is why we’ve classed it as a money themed game – all Irish slots connect being Irish with money (and alcohol). Although stereotypical, nobody can deny that this is an attractive video slot to play. That being said, a 3D game like King Kong Cash (also from Blueprint) is much more visually stunning.

Keeping Lucky

To demonstrate how common, and often, you’ll see these sorts of slot machines, we’ve been hunting down all the Irish based online games out there, and boy have we got a haul for you. There are dozens to choose from, most of them utilising the same colour palette and imagery, with only the style being different. If you want to continue your good luck and stick with the Irish, we’d recommend playing Shamrock Isle, developed by Rival Gaming.

Quadruple Your Chances

Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins has a massively long name, and the reason being is because of the Fortune Spins feature. Oh yes, this isn’t just a means to identify one game from another, this is a matter of a special extra. See the labelled button on the left hand side of the screen? That’s what you need to click to activate it.

When you do you’ll watch as the grid quadruples, presenting you with four grids rather than the large one. Then when you spin they will go one matrix at a time, with any that hold the special leprechaun symbols getting a random prize. You’d think because there are so many reels now that you’ll get lots of wins, but the most we won was just 0.10 credits; that won’t even get us a coffee. This feature seems fancy, but it actually feels pretty pointless.

Not so Lucky Any More

For saying this is a real cash slot designed to be all about good fortunes, we didn’t find that it granted us much luck. We scored some wins, but most people will when they’re playing a slot machine; what would have impressed us would have been many wins. It would seem that Blueprint Gaming missed the mark completely with this one. For us, it would have been better if they’d just stopped at the original game and put their efforts into creating something else.

If you do decide to play, we’d say to try out the demo version before you play for money, just because of the volatility and how disappointed you could end up feeling. Testing before you commit is a mantra we’ll always drive home, but even more so if the game is lacklustre. When you know what a brand is capable of, to see them fail to address its audience so poorly is actually quite painful to watch.