Super Spinner Bar X Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Super Spinner Bar X is a highly playable online video slot play stripped right back to the basics by developer Blueprint Gaming. You won’t find any complex themes or graphics in this slot. Instead you are going to be able to focus all your efforts entirely on matching up the symbols on the reels. Nice!

This title won’t be for everyone but it’s an unusual play which has both winning and non-winning symbols plus a special bonus set of reels with guaranteed wins. But will you enjoy this blast from the past? Here’s a look at Super Spinner Bar X from Blueprint Gaming with all the facts you need to play.

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Simple yet Effective

There’s many different genres of slots and Super Spinner Bar X belongs firmly in the camp of those which are retro themed. There’s no intricate graphics or gameplay, and for some players there’s no doubt that the style will be far too boring to hold their interest. Even for a retro slot, Super Spinner Bar X is very basic with no more than five symbols – and not even all of these provide a win.

The background shimmers and shines with a reflective purple harlequin design but the symbols are a big disappointment by contrast. The colours are plain and flat and there’s no depth or intricacy to the graphics. Retro slots often seem quite different when compared to contemporary designs but even taking this into account, Super Spinner Bar X is an acquired taste.

Spinning the Right Symbols

With 5 reels and just 5 symbols it should be fairly simple to manage to match up a winning line along one of the 10 paylines in play. However, this game is more complex than it first appears because not all of the symbols will lead to a win. This means that it’s not quite as simple to get a win as you might imagine with such a small number of symbols! The symbols you’ll be looking to land are the Xs, Bars and golden dollar signs, as these all lead to either a cash win or the chance to play for a special big bonus payout.

As well as the 10 paylines, the game offers an all ways pay rule. This means that as well as playing from the far left to right, and the far right to left, you can also line up a winning combination on the central three reels too. You’ll need a minimum of three matches in order to get a payout but if you manage to line up all five you’ll scoop the big wins. Bars are the top value symbol paying out 500 for matching the full set of five.

Extra Special Symbols

Bars and crosses are just two out of the three symbols in this game which offer a reward for matching a line; the third are golden dollar signs and although these don’t give an instant prize, they do offer a very special prize. Depending on whether you land three, four or five of the symbols, you’ll win between one and five Super Spins, a special bonus round which takes place on a separate set of reels.

In the Super Spins bonus, you’ll turn a separate set of reels but this time you’ll be trying to accumulate as many crowns as possible. Every spin guarantees a win, and the more crowns you manage to land the higher your prize will be. You can also add a special Kings Treasure symbol to increase your win before entering the Wheel King to try and win the progressive jackpot!

Staying Old School

If you’ve enjoyed the unique experience of playing Super Spinner Bar X, then there are some other retro slots which are similar in style. NetEnt’s Reel Rush offers a fun look at old school slots with mushrooms and pipes while Playtech’s Crazy 7 slot game provides a pared down play with just three reels on screen. Neither of these are quite as basic as Super Spinner Bar X but there’s a similar type of appeal for those looking to escape the more complex contemporary titles.

Something Different

Super Spinner Bar X from Blueprint Gaming is a very unique playing experience and is the perfect play for beginners to start. The returns aren’t the highest at just 92.5% RTP but for those looking to understand how to play on the reels, it’s an ideal title.