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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Fans of video games will undoubtedly remember the classic Worms, but now you can enjoy the artillery game in an online video slot with Worms Reloaded from Blueprint Gaming. You won’t be loading up your weapons to kill off other teams of worms, but you’ll still have the chance to play with the familiar characters in a battlefield environment. In this slot you’ll be launching reels rather than bombs!

Spectacular 3D graphics set up this game perfectly with the crawly creatures donning helmets and carrying rocket launchers as they advance on their opponents. There are 20 paylines, random extras, four bonus features and a progressive jackpot too, making this a lucrative game if you can just beat the opposition. But will you be crawling back to your hole? Here’s a review of Worms Reloaded by Blueprint Gaming with all essential info.

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Bring Out the Big Guns

There’s no doubt that this game is based on the classic video game with the atmospheric graphics which really capture the feel of the original theme. The retro feel is perfectly recreated with murderous worms who are intent in blasting the living daylights out of their enemy. Despite having a cartoon type design, the 3D images really pop from the screen and will make you feel as if you need to duck for cover.

Blast to Success

There’s a real battle feel to this game as the reels are made from an industrial metal which contrasts against the green scenery in the background. There are 5 reels with 20 fixed paylines which means that you can’t choose to play on fewer lines per spin. You can still control how much you want to bet with by setting the wager per line. The total min bet is 0.20 and this rises up to 500.00 for the total max bet.

The paytable is the place to go if you want to find out exactly how much you could win; just click on the button to the bottom left of the reels to navigate away from the raging battle on the main game. There’s a combination of specific Worms symbols and generic playing card letters with the latter generally worth less. To get a prize you’ll need to match at least three along an active payline other than the top two value symbols which pay out for a line of just two.

Big Bonuses

As well as the attractive base game on the reels, there’s a whole bunch of extra features and bonuses included in Worms Reloaded. So much so in fact that it can sometimes seem as if you’re playing a related group of games rather than just one! There are four separate bonus knock-out rounds on offer and you could find yourself facing a whole host of different challenges that might even extend into space! For your troubles, you could win reshuffles, spins and entire reel wilds.

In addition to the long list of extras and bonus features on the reels, there’s also the chance to win the progressive jackpot prize. You’ll need to try and collect the crowns on the special reels by simply starting to spin. The more crowns you manage to accumulate the bigger the multiplier that you could nab. There’s also the special king’s treasure to choose from too to enhance your payout even more. And at the end there’s the potential to play on the Wheel King to try for the progressive jackpot prize.

Crawling Around

If you’ve enjoyed this alternative take on a retro video game, then the good news is that there’s more slots based on the same theme that you can play. Worms Reloaded is based on one of the followup games released in 2010, but Worms also from Blueprint Gaming is based on the original which was first seen in 1995. Worms has a whopping 50 paylines, the same top quality graphics as in the sequel plus numerous bonus features and extra features too.

Revive a Classic

Worms Reloaded from Blueprint Gaming celebrates a spinoff from the classic video game, recreated in an online video slot. With fantastic graphics and a smart design, there’s a huge number of different features to keep players interested. However, this is a complicated play and you’ll need a bit of hope from the instructions on screen to work out what to do, meaning this game is more suited to intermediate and advanced players.