Booming Games Online Slots

When online gambling was first introduced in the 1990s, growth seemed inevitable for a long time to come. While that still seems to be the case, the future for the gaming industry’s expansion seems to be concentrated in a few specialized areas, and it comes as little surprise that many operators and software providers are going out of their way to be early entrants into those areas.

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That appears to be the case when it comes to Booming Games, an Internet slots provider that has created games in use at a small number of online casino sites. Launched in 2014 on the Isle of Man, the company has launched several offices, including on in Manila. That’s a natural expansion, as the studio is targeting of the fastest-growing regions of the world for online gaming: Asia. They’ve also shown an interest in other emerging markets, as you’ll frequently see their games at sites that utilize Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Booming Games Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Evocative Themes, Simple Games

Booming Games has created more than 50 different slot machines that you can find at a handful of trusted, typically regulated casino sites today. These games cover a rather expansive range of themes, each of which is presented with very evocative graphics and sound in order to flesh out the ideas behind each title.

The way these games are presented includes a mix of positive and underwhelming elements. As usual, the first introduction to a game is the art, and here, you might find yourself a bit disappointed. It’s hardly as though the artwork is terrible, but it is certainly subpar compared to what you’ve seen in other modern games: characters and illustrations lack detail, the animated elements are very simple and unimpressive, and the color schemes are merely okay, lacking the variety and brilliance of some other top software providers.

On the other hand, the sound and music tends to do a great job of playing along with the theme, helping to set an appropriate mood. The interfaces are also easy to use and have some great intuitive elements. For instance, you can click the screen and drag it left or right to reveal the pay table, rules, and settings pages.

As for gameplay elements, most games are pretty standard five-reel slots with left-to-right payouts over varying numbers of paylines. Each game allows you to change your bet per line, and most have gamble options that give you a shot at playing a double or nothing mini-game after a winning spin if you’d like to take that chance.

Perhaps the best way to learn more about this collection is to talk about some of the titles you’ll find here. Dancing Fever is a disco-themed option that is one of the better looking slots you’ll find from this company. The five-reel, 15-line machine uses a mix of common symbols (like card ranks) and clubbing standards, such as a disco ball, the club entrance, and a male club goer. A dancing woman acts as the wild here, and players might just love the fact that the fourth reel is comprised almost entirely of wild symbols – the only other symbol there is a single microphone, which acts as a scatter that can get you into a free spins round.

Another fun choice is Sugar Shack, a 10-line game that is all about eating sweets. Players match gummy bears, candy canes, lollypops and chocolates, all with the goal of winning prizes that are even sweeter than these delectable treats. Once again, there’s a scatter that triggers a free spins game if you can hit three or more, as well as a wild symbol, but no other additional features.

This is a refrain you’ll see throughout the Booming Games collection. The games are work flawlessly and are solid in their core gameplay, but they do not come with a lot of extra flair that adds variety to the action. Whether that’s good or bad will really depend on your personal tastes. Here’s a list of a few other titles we found particularly interesting:

  • Ahoy Matey
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Chow’s Chance
  • Cosmic Fruit
  • Dark Spin
  • Deep Sea Danger
  • Heroes & Beasts
  • Mummy’s Tomb
  • Octoberfest
  • Sweet Robots

Creativity First

Booming Games makes it clear on their website that they have a team with extensive programming experience. They talk a lot about the math and programming that goes into their games, and this is clear when you play them: these are solid, dependable machines that work for both players and operators, even if they don’t have all of the fancy frills seen in the slots released by some other companies.

However, that’s not to say that there’s no creativity involved in this process. In fact, the company claims that all of their products start from a conceptual design, which has helped them develop their innovative interfaces and create new features and themes for their collection.

When it comes to collaborations, it is first worth noting that this studio is part of the Juma Group, which includes some other gaming industry-related firms. Notably, Juma also includes Entergaming, which develops gaming platforms – meaning that while a site owner couldn’t rely just on Booming Games to create a casino for them, they might be able to do so if they worked through Juma as a whole.

Today, these games are mostly seen in a couple of different niche areas of the overall Internet gambling industry. The studio has worked with Asia Gaming and Xin Gaming in order to break into growing parts of the Asian market – China in particular – which is still catching up to much of the world when it comes to top-rated online casinos. In addition, this suite has become surprisingly popular with Bitcoin casino operators, with many notable sites that doing banking and play in the cryptocurrency including these slots in their collection.

Solid, But Largely Unremarkable

Booming Games may be relatively new, but in just a couple of years they have put together a respectable collection of slot machines that have made their way into a number of reputable sites. For the most part, their games aren’t particularly groundbreaking or exciting; as we said, the graphical quality is just average, the gameplay is pretty basic and straightforward.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good aspects to their creations, either. For one, there are signs of innovation in their work, such as the interesting, mobile-style interfaces that allow you to scroll to get information rather than having a click through menus. And we like how dependable all of these games are – a factor often overlooked by players until they can’t get a machine to work. Overall, this is a solid and reliable software provider that may not be making major waves yet, but is well on its way to becoming a true player in the industry.