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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Arabia is a destination that most of us have heard of, chiefly because of the song Arabian Nights from Aladdin; fan or not, you probably know some of the words. This subcontinent of Asia is where Arabia is set, a 5-reel slot machine from Booming Games. Those of you familiar with the brand will know that they try to tick all the popular theme boxes, in order to entice players.

In regards to our initial thoughts on the title, it’s positive but with a tinge of caution; Booming is known to not always put in their all when creating games. They sometimes get so far and then seem to lose steam, though fortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case here. However, it’s still early days. All we can do is investigate the 10 winlines of this real cash slot as closely as possible, and hope that we’ve found a true winner in Arabia.

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Fresher Layout

Before we get to what this slot delivers in terms of variety, we need to address the layout of the interface: this is a lot more attractive and streamlined than their usual MO. If you look at the titles of Animal Party, the control panel is a lot lighter, but it’s also more tedious to interact with. In Arabia you have everything in plain sight, allowing you to maintain a certain level of momentum when playing.

In classic slot machine fashion, you utilise arrows to alter the bet figures and the lines, which range from 0.03 per line up to 3 credits per line. What is more, if you want to speed up the spinning, you just look for the lightning bolt symbol in the right hand corner of the screen; it’s all so seamless and convenient. The only issue we have is that paytable and rules aren’t placed together, which seems illogical to us.

Rub the Lamp

In true style, given the subject matter of the theme, Arabia requires that you get three or move magic lamps in order to access the free games. Seeing as this is a Booming Games title, and that they rarely change their setup, you can expect to be awarded a total of ten games. These spins don’t appear to have any additional entertainment value attached to them, which in turn makes them very lacklustre.

What is important to note is that the gamble feature doesn’t appear to work during this time; you can play it before the spins start, but then once they’re programmed in that’s it. At least until they run out. This is a rather trivial bit of information, but it’ll help all of you novice players out there that don’t know the ropes.

Which Gem?

In regards to the gamble feature, it takes on another unique form, much like all the double or nothings from the brand. In this case you have a genie holding two gems. You have to select which one you think is hidden inside the golden ball, and should you win, you get double your cash prize. You’re able to play this again, if you’re correct, or you can collect your winnings and walk away a bit richer.

Offering Trade

Assuming you tire of the gameplay, you’ll want to have another slot machine lined up, which is why we’re going to suggest Golden Caravan to you. Brought to you by Play’N Go, this is a more contemporary example of the theme displayed inside Arabia; the aesthetic is sharp and the tiles highly animated.

In addition to that you also have a series of free spins, as well as some features exclusive to the title (which we’re not about to spoil for you). If you were to ask our opinion, we’d say that Play’N Go have done a better job of capturing the exoticism of this theme, but that isn’t to say that Booming Games should be overlooked.

All Is Golden

We have to admit that this isn’t a show-stopper, and that in return, you’re more likely to grow weary of the matrix before you become a richer gambler. Nonetheless, Booming Games have made an accessible title that accommodates most paying gamers, and offers demo for those that can’t afford to punt. It also brings with it a dated but still attractive interface with which to play. This is an average slot machine that is designed to entertain you for a short period of time before you move on.