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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Naming a game after yourself is like naming a building after yourself (think Trump Towers) and yet that’s what Booming Games have done not once but thrice with Booming Glow, Booming Gold and now Booming Seven. They must have confidence in these slots then, you would think. Let’s put Booming Seven to the test and find out if it’s a credit or an embarrassment to its creators.

Red 7s and fruit are the major symbols in Booming Seven, making this a decidedly classic slot. Of course ‘classic’ is not a synonym for ‘good’ and it’ll take more than nostalgia and retro aesthetics for this three-reel slot to pass muster.

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Boom Shake the Room

Booming Games are an interesting proposition. The Isle of Man developer have crafted some beautiful looking slots, games whose colour palette can induce gasps of admiration, as is the case with Booming Glow and Booming Gold. Booming Seven isn’t like the others, despite its name, because this is a classic slot which means automatically that its graphics are destined to be low-key. As it transpires, the symbols to grace Booming Seven look pretty pukka, if indeed it’s still acceptable to use the word pukka in the current year.

Sure, they’re basic fruits and red 7s, but they’ve been rendered with depth and a clean 3D aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye. A black background ensures that all eyes remain focused on the symbols, the only thing that matters once you hit that switch. Switch? Okay, lever. Booming Seven is faithfully modelled on an old school bandit right down to the manual lever that used to be pulled to spin the reels.

Take It Back to the Old School

With red 7s, various fruits and bars represented on the reels, all the symbols of your misspent youth are present and accounted for here – assuming you had a misspent youth. If you didn’t, take Booming Seven as an opportunity to make up for lost time. In terms of playing controls, this game is about as simple as it gets: the Max Bet, Autoplay, Gamble and Spin buttons are impossible to miss. The first thing that will strike you about Booming Seven when the game’s loaded is that the music sucks. Thankfully, that’s a simple fix.

The second thing that will strike you about Booming Seven is that there really isn’t a whole lot going on in this game, but in fairness that’s just the way 3-reel slots tend to be. Booming Seven harks back to a simpler time when developers weren’t intent on cramming in as many reels, paylines and expanding wilds as possible.

Seventh Heaven

Suffice to say that the object of the game in three-reel slots such as Booming Seven is to match three identical symbols on the central payline. To boost your winnings in this instance, you’ll be given the option to gamble your win, a feat that will cause you to either double up or forfeit the lot. The way this double-or-nothing feature manifests itself is that after electing to gamble you’ll be obliged to pick a fruit, stand back and watch as the reels roll. If your selected fruit appears on screen, you’ll double your winnings. If it doesn’t, it’s back to the drawing board.

Oranges, cherries, lemons, pineapples and bars form the basic symbols, with red 7s taking on the role of scatter – three in view are enough to secure free spins. The gold bars, meanwhile, operate as wilds, substituting for any of the regular playing symbols. And that’s about it as far as features go. If you like the minimalist vibes of Booming Seven then take your pick from the countless other three-reel slots out there. There’s no shortage of takers.

Nothing Special Here

Booming Seven is a standard three-reel slot that doesn’t set the heather on fire. In other words, it’s nothing special, even there’s nothing glaringly wrong with it as three-reel slots go. Put it this way, Booming Games can and have done better. If you want to discover what this British developer are capable of, choose one of their other games as a starting point.