Cherry Bomb Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You can probably deduce what sort of a slot Cherry Bomb is, but just to lob in a spoiler straight off the bat, it’s a fruit themed slot. One stocked with raspberries and bananas and a whole bunch of other tropical fruits, smushed together to create a juicy, delicious cherry bomb.

The other thing to know about this game is that it’s got one of the most laid back tropical soundtracks ever committed to audio. Crank it up, kick back and revel in those Jamaican timpani vibes.

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This Thing is the Bomb

It’s easy to dismiss all fruit based slots out of hand as being generic clones of one another, each effort a thinly reskinned rip-off of the last; same fruit, same bonuses, same infernal game. To accuse Cherry Bomb of such larceny would be doing the game a great disservice though because it’s a different beast. Okay, so it’s still a very fruity slot, but Booming Games have done their utmost to make it their own.

Out go the generic looking fruit symbols and in come a bunch of stunning 3D fruits so juicy and delicious you start salivating just looking at them. Seriously, if all fruit looked this good we’d all get our five a day. The backdrop to the reels is more fruit, because let’s face it, you can never have too much fruit.

Very Cherry

Play the base game for a while and you may find yourself wondering “Where the cherries at?” or words to that effect. Oh, they’ll come in due course, don’t you worry about that, but since they’re the game’s wild symbol, they’re a tad shyer than the rest, only emerging on special occasions to help your two of a kind pairs over the line. Traditionally, cherries were always the lowest value symbols on slots, but in recent years there’s been a move to rebrand them as more valuable, even elevating them, as is the case here, to the game’s MVP. Think of it as positive discrimination.

Cherry Bomb is a 10-payline game and the number of active paylines can be adjusted along with the stake per line. The maximum stake is 3 and the minimum is 0.03, resulting in a max bet of 30 per spin. These are the parameters Booming Games favour with their lower value slots for whatever reason. Low value or not, there’s still some healthy sums to be won from this game; five raspberries are worth 6,000, kiwis are worth 9,000 and wilds are worth a whopping 60,000.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labours

The plum is the game’s scatter symbol, with three in view being enough to trigger free spins. Any time you win in the base game, hit gamble and you’ll be taken through to the double-or-nothing round. Pick the correct symbol and you’ll boost your winnings; get it wrong and your meagre winnings will vanish like snow off a stone dyke. You can also gamble once three or more scatters have appeared to award you free spins. If you feel that 10 is a desultory amount of spins, have a gamble and see if you can win more.

While Cherry Bomb doesn’t look like other fruit-based slots – or rather doesn’t look identical at least – its gameplay mirrors that of classic slots. In other words, there’s not a whole lot going on. The only notable feature, if it can even be called a feature, is 2-Way Pay. This kicks in whenever three or more wilds have appeared on screen, generating winning combos from left to right and right to left for the next 10 spins. If you like this medium variance slot, by the way, try Booming Seven by the same developer.

Cherry Merry

Cherry Bomb certainly isn’t reinventing the reel here, that much can be said for certain. It’s a pretty little slot though, with juicy, vibrant symbols that you just want to throw in a blender and turn into a delicious tropical smoothie. Thanks to its upbeat soundtrack and 3D rendering, this fruity game will reward purveyors of old school slots delivered with a contemporary twist. It ain’t new, but it’s still a whole lotta fun to play.