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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Today, Chicago is best known as a crime-ridden hellhole, which is in stark contrast to the 1920s, when it was better known as a crime-ridden hellhole. The difference is back then the crime was committed with a nudge, a wink and a sensuous jazz soundtrack which was far more agreeable, as this sultry slot from Booming Games reveals.

Say boo to modern day lawlessness and hooray for 1920s organized crime by playing Chicago Nights. Gangsters and their molls, cops, honeys and jazz players will lead you through the backstreets of Chicago at its Al Capone peak.

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Chicanery in Chicago

The Windy City has been venerated in pop culture, the Jazz Age of the 1920s in particular when everything, from the clubs to the criminals, seemed more glamorous. In reality, it’s likely that things have gotten so bad today that the comparative safety and sanity of 1920s Chicago – despite being neither – seems almost quaint. Back then the criminals would still rob you, but they’d do it with panache before going to church on Sundays to seek forgiveness for their sins.

Booming Games have pulled out all the stops to recreate the era, complete with a gilt-framed set of reels that are reminiscent of the dawn of talkies, when the stage was starting to give way to the screen. With the lights of Chicago in the background and a motley crew of vagabonds, musicians and law enforcement on the reels, the stage is set for a merry caper across the Windy City, all set to a stirring lounge soundtrack. Crank up that sax and get ready to shimmy.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya

The cartoon style that Booming Games have deployed is perfect for the theme of the game, softening its edges and making the violence seem comical. There’s a Louis Armstrong-style sax player, a cigar-chewing Al Capone, a Model T motorcar, a society girl sporting a gold tiara and a very British looking cop. Any time there’s a win on the reels, a neat animation will kick in such as the tommy gun firing or the sax player busting out a few notes. It’s all very slick and atmospheric, bringing Chicago Nights to life.

Once you’ve finished scrutinising the characters and nodding along to the soundtrack, you might want to take a moment to reflect on how this game has only four reels. Four? Yep – count ‘em. This marks Chicago Nights down as something of a novelty. Three-reel slots? Ten a penny. Five-reel slots? Common as dirt. Four reels? Rare as rocking horse eggs. Chicago Nights has 12 fixed paylines and a stake that can be set at between 0.03 and 3, resulting in a max bet of 36.

Speakeasies and All That Jazz

In the base game, four gangster symbols on a line will net you 300 and four champagne bottles are worth 450. Chicago Nights also has three special symbols that exist to do more than simply look pretty. There’s the red car which serves as scatter and will generate free spins any time three or more appear anywhere in view. There’s a hand clutching some gold playing cards which is wild, substituting for other regular symbols or worth 1,500 for four. Finally, the tommy gun forms a special rotator symbol, which will swivel 90 degrees to generate additional wins, a feature that’s possible thanks to the game’s four reels.

To scoop the sort of payout that would make Al Capone smile, the scatter symbols will come in handy; three in view will generate 10 free spins. Any time you generate a win in Chicago Nights, you’ll enter a double-or-nothing gamble round. There’s the potential to win up to 10 times in a row with this feature.

Try Kings of Chicago Too

Chicago Nights is rated as a medium variance game and other slots that bear more than a passing similarity to it are, funnily enough, also by Booming Games, such as Booming Gold. Different theme, similar gameplay.

The Windy City ain’t New York or Vegas, but it’s still prone to guesting in the odd video slot from time to time. Other games to bear its name include Kings of Chicago, a NetEnt slot with a 97.8% RTP. Check it out if you’re hankering for some more Chicago-based action.

Give It a Go

Chicago Nights is a great little slot, one that successfully recreates the excesses of the 1920s, repackaging them into a cartoon slot whose four reels provide no shortage of adventure. Ok, so the theme has been done before and it’s nothing totally leftfield. But we reckon that if you give this slot a spin and you’ll be hooked on its schmaltzy soundtrack and cast of colourful characters.