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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Put on your dancing shoes and prepare to put your best foot forward. It’s the weekend and you’ve got a hot date at the disco, as your octogenarian gran still insists on referring to clubbing. Taking its cues from Saturday Night Fever, Dancing Fever is a lively 5-reel slot that will have you seat shimmying while you roll its reels.

Glitter balls, sequins and a host of other coruscating props that haven’t graced a nightclub dance floor since the 1970s are revived in Dancing Fever, a slot where only the flyest foxes and suavest players will thrive.

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Hot like a Fever

The setting is New York. The time is 1970-something. And the locale is the dance floor of a nightclub where the Bee Gees are always the height of cool and the tickle of high hats graces every stomping beat. So reflective you can see it from space, Dancing Fever is a shining slot that catches the eye, as disco balls are apt to do. They’re just one of the symbols you’ll be seeing a lot of in this lurid slot.

You’d expect Dancing Fever to open with a squeal of the sax and a groovy bassline, but instead you’re greeted by the ambient noise of a nightclub minus the music. It’s a curious sensation, reminiscent of when you would be chattering in class at school and then everyone would fall silent for a moment, apropos nothing, before resuming their conversations. In Dancing Fever, it feels like the DJ’s initiated a record scratch before cutting the beat, leaving the clubbers standing awkwardly on the dance floor.

Shake, Shimmy and Spin

Dancing Fever is a 15 payline game with a line bet that can be set between 0.03 and 3. For some reason 3 is the maximum that all of Booming Games’ slots seem to go to. You can adjust the number of active paylines though, just as you can adjust the number of autoplay spins. There’s a max bet button too, which will crank everything up to a cost of 45 per spin. Speaking of spins, there’s also a quick spin option which will cause the reels to roll faster, or rather the turntable to spin faster, since it’s a record you click to roll the reels.

The lowest value symbols in the game have playing card values, but at least they’ve been rendered nicely as LEDs, in keeping with the slot’s clubbing theme. Of the remaining symbols, there’s a male clubber, female clubber, microphone, disco ball and the New York skyline. The latter symbol is worth 6,000 for five. Scatter, which appears as the microphone, will trigger free spins any time you land three or more symbols in view. That just leaves wild, which is worth 60,000 for five and will substitute for all of the other symbols except for scatter.

Here Comes the Drop

Like the bulk of Booming Games’ slots, there’s a Double or Nothing round, which allows you to gamble any time you notch up a win. It’s a simple 50/50 bet that can be taken up to 10 times in a row. Not only can you do this with wins of three of a kind or more, but you can follow suit after activating free spins. This allows you to further bolster the 10 free spins you’re automatically awarded.

Similar Slot

While there’s a lot to love about Dancing Fever, the game’s biggest downfall is its abysmal music. Booming Games are the ultimate trolls, for the music that plays after every spin or win of the reels is truly awful. There’s no funk to be found here: just a squealing sax that will have you tearing out your headphones in anguish. Still, if you can appreciate the gameplay, you’ll enjoy Booming Games’ other slots including Cinco de Mayo and Chicago Nights.

Thematically, if you’re craving something along the same lines, the most obvious option is Saturday Night Fever. Gamesys’ take on the classic movie is a 5-reel slot replete with all the characters and catchphrases you know and love.

Dance the Night Away

Dancing Fever is a great looking slot that cleverly integrates themed features such as the turntable used to spin the reels. Aesthetically, this is a game you won’t tire of looking at, but sonically? Sonically, it’s pretty grim. The ambient noise is fine and non-offensive, but the moment the tunes kick in, things rapidly go downhill. This slot is best played with the sound off.