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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Every ambitious player has dreamed of breaking into the US federal reserve, at least virtually speaking, and emptying the many vaults of their precious contents. Thanks to Booming Games, you get to do just that and walk away unharmed with Fort Knox, a modern video slot game with some helpful surprises to help you out along the way.

Fort Knox is giving players a full 3D environment to explore, with many vaults and secret alcoves to open. From gold bars to giant dragons, the reserve is full of potentially big cash rewards waiting to be discovered. With a medium-variance setup, Fort Knox is giving everyone a fair chance to win, as we will see in our full review of the game right here.

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Break the Bank

Fort Knox is sending players at the heart of the federal reserve, and you won’t even have to worry about security at all. The reels are placed within a giant vault, with the characteristic round security door framing the different symbols. The place looks very secure, but with a little perseverance you should be able to grab a few precious items spinning inside the vault.

The command buttons of Fort Knox are cleverly integrated into the frame of the vault itself, and an animated gold bar wearing a top hat stands on the side, observing you as you spin the reels. This little touch of humour makes Fort Knox quite memorable and motivated us to keep going and look a little further into the game.

Inside the Vault

Fort Knox contains 5 reels and 20 paylines in total, allowing you to bet from 0.60 to 60 credits every time you spin the reels. Add the classic max bet and autoplay shortcuts to the mix, and the rest of the rules should feel very intuitive for any player with a little experience gambling with Booming Games slots.

We would say that Fort Knox has a fairly average volatility, giving each spin the potential to unlock all sorts of rewards throughout the game. The paytable itself reveals the contents of the vault, including rare dollar coins, gold bars, bank notes, jewellery and what appears to be the Declaration of Independence. The maximum prize that you can win in Fort Knox so far corresponds to 1000 times the value of your current wager.

One Big Jackpot Right Ahead

Fort Knox contains all the special symbols that you would expect to find in a Booming Games slot. It starts with a scatter in the shape of a gold bar, ready to unlock both cash and 10 free spins regardless of its exact position. Just make sure to find at least 3 of them at the same time, or more in order to trigger the free spin bonus once again.

The stamp is the wild card of Fort Knox, and as such you can use it to substitute for the regular symbols on the reels. Long wild combinations can also unlock an exceptional bonus of x10,000, which is obviously the most interesting reward of the entire game. Make sure you keep that in mind and focus on scoring as many wild stamps as you possibly can.

On the Other Side of the Law

Fort Knox has an original 3D environment that makes it stand out compared to many other slots from Booming Games. That being said, the game is almost identical to many others from the same developers when it comes to the gameplay itself. You can check out Flaming Dragon, for example, and you will soon realise that you are playing virtually the exact same slot game.

If you are more interested in virtual heist, see if you can get your hands on Bank Robbery from Multislot. The general game settings are actually quite similar to those of Fort Knox, but what will make the game stand out is the bonus feature: up to 50 free spins ready to be discovered. This alone could easily lead to some very impressive cash prizes.

Good Graphics and Complete Gameplay

Fort Knox is one of the best-looking slot games from Booming Games that we have gotten to test so far. This might come as a surprise because the theme of the game isn’t particularly scenic, but we still appreciated the level of details and general graphic quality.

These elements make Fort Knox a suitable game for beginners trying to break the bank and make some money fast. The x10,000 jackpot will be tough to get to, but with some calculated risks you should still be able to make some good investments on the reels of Fort Knox.