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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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What sort of a game could Goal!!! be? Why it could only be a football themed slot. So exciting as to justify not one but three exclamation marks after its name, Goal!!! nails its colours to the mast. If you hate sports, football in particular, don’t even waste your time with this slot. If the sound of a ref’s whistle is music to your ears however, step right up and give it a spin.

Released around the same time as the 2016 Euro championships, Goal!!! harks back to a simpler time when arcade football simulators were way less advanced than the current FIFA games that are released on the PS4 and XBox annually. Sure, this is a slot, not an actual footie game, by visually there’s not much in it.

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Back of the Net

Goal!!! is a neat if unexceptional looking game. Developer Booming Games have elected to leave a lot of screen real estate either side of the reels, causing them to look unnaturally cramped. The symbols themselves are sharp though, and the compressed design leaves room for a 4 Way Play box to the right that reveals the directions that wins are paid out and how much these are worth. Behind the reels, a blurry football stadium sets the scene and adds to the atmosphere.

Goal!!! is a 16-payline slot with a bet per line that can range between 0.03 and 3, making for a maximum bet of 48 per spin. In execution, Goal!!! feels like a complex game of noughts and crosses due to the way that line bets are paid out. You don’t need to content yourself with vertical, diagonal or horizontal wins only, for additional wins are available when identical symbols connect in a fashion reminiscent of draughts pieces on a board.

Multiple Ways to Win

For the more exotic winning combos, there’s a multiplier attached that can boost your winnings by as much as 4x. In fact, none of the paylines in this game are a simple straight line; they all involve symbols offset by one, along or up and down the reels, and the weirder the combo, the greater the multiplier. Goal!!! has a scatter symbol which will trigger up to 10 free spins when three appear anywhere in view. You can gamble with the free spins if you like before you go to collect them.

Booming Games are fond of their gamble feature, and you can do the same with regular wins on the reels to boost your profits. Free spins can be retriggered by the appearance of another three scatters. Goal!!! also has a wild symbol which will substitute for any other symbol except for scatter.

Shoot, Spin and Score

Perma 4-Way Pay is the game’s primary feature. It’s automatically on all the time, and will award wins for identical symbols that start on one side of the board and make their way across to the other side in whatever way they see fit. Getting the hang of what constitutes a winning combo and what doesn’t can be a little confusing at first.

The first four lines play left to right, while 5-8 pay right to left, 9-12 pay from the top downwards and 13-16 pay from the bottom up. If that all sounds like gobbledygook, don’t worry; it’ll start to make sense after a few spins. The paylines that have multipliers assigned are the ones that will prove the most lucrative, but there’s nothing you can do to target these other than to spin the reels and hope for the best.

What’s Similar?

There are plenty of other footie themed slots on the market including Goal! by Realistic. Could there also be a slot called Goal!! with two exclamation marks in its name? You never know. Goal! is a 10 payline game with an RTP of 95%, but one thing it doesn’t have is free spins.

In terms of similar themed games, there are literally dozens with names such as Football Cup, Football Fans, Football Carnival, Football Legends and Football Girls. Pick whichever one you like the sound of and shoot for victory.

Good Goal?

Goal!!! is an interesting slot, one that’s discernibly different from Booming Games’ existing oeuvre. Despite this, the game never really gets going. The footballing possibilities of this slot are never fully realised, making it feel like a half-baked concept that could have been done so much better. The graphics are passable, but the narrow reels and lacklustre animations are a letdown. In Goal!!!, Booming Games have missed an open goal.