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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Booming Games is back, with a brand new game called Joker’s Wild. In this game you’ll find up to 25 paylines, while players are able to stake between 0.03 and 3.00 credits per payline in order to get the reels rolling. Thematically and performance wise, Joker’s Wild carries a distinctly old tyme-like vibe, with throwing plenty of neutral colours the way of players.

Considering that the nature of Joke’s Wild is very much a throwback, it’s safe to say that amidst all the flashy-looking online slots releases of the moment this title slipped well under the radar. That being said, given time is this likely to become a Booming Games release of note? The following review reveals all!

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Stepping into the King’s Court

The background in Joker’s Wild is surrounded by bricks, which reminds us of a medieval castle. Although he is in the game’s title, the Joker is actually not a part of the game per se. He simply occupies the left side of the screen, dressed up in his traditional Middle Ages get-up.

Symbol wise, the game is quite a mess. It’s not that the game’s symbols are ugly, it’s just that they all look the same. Literally, all of them have the exact same look, granted that there are some minor differences between them. Because of this, players will often mistake one symbol for another, which is quite meddlesome at times.

Through the Stained-Glass Window

Although the symbols all look like stained-glass windows, we’ll still try our best to differentiate between each of them for the sake of reviewing the gameplay in this 3-row, 5-reel game. First, we have the purple window that features grapes, then we have the golden window which features a goblet. Following these two are the green window which has an indistinct pattern on it, a purple window that features a lyre, a multi-colour one with a jester’s hat, another one showing the jester’s green boots and finally, we have a window that features a sceptre.

Take what you will from the above, but to be honest we can’t paint the gameplay in this title as anything other than middle of the road. The wagers range between 0.75 and 75.00, with title slotting firmly into the realm of medium variance You can turn on the Autoplay feature at any point to take things easy in the game, while there is a Gamble feature thrown in too, but neither of these elements do much to spice up the gameplay here.

More Than One Way to Play

The scatter in Joker’s Wild is represented by a symbol with a stained-glass window that has a jester’s hat on it. This symbol triggers free spins and it pays 7,500 for a combination of five of them on the reels and 1,500 for a combination of four, at a max bet level. On top of that, the window with the green boots represents the wild. This card basically replaces all other symbols in the game, which is very helpful at times. Although it is rarer than the others, the wild is also the highest paying symbol in the game. It gives you 15,000 for a combination of five of them and 1,500 for a combination of four of them.

The thing that sets Joker’s Wild apart from other real money slots out there is the fact that the game actually includes a third special symbol, that being the symbol with a sceptre on it. This card triggers the 2-Way Pay feature. Largely self-explanatory, when active the game pays out from both left-to-right and right-to-left.

Braving What Booming Games Has to Offer

The Booming Games release catalogue is expanding at a rapid rate these days, with this being exactly where you need to start should you want to find titles that play in a similar fashion to Joker’s Wild. If you are specifically looking for games that will go step for step with this rather plain looking game, there are four titles in particular worth taking an interest in.

Mummy’s Tomb, Do Not Disturb, Merry Spinning, and Revolution all pack in the 2-Way Pay feature that makes Joker’s Wild what it is. Yes, the themes in this titles are wildly different, but that really is a non-factor when you consider the level of gameplay served up.

With Joker’s Wild the Jokes on You!

In conclusion, Joker’s Wild is a real mixed bag of a release for our money. It features poorly executed graphics yet top-notch gameplay, with a very rewarding selection of bonuses thrown in too. In our opinion, Joker’s Wild could have been a big-time real money slots release, but alas in this instance Booming Games just haven’t been able to create the perfect storm.