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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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There is a trend emerging within the realm of casino slots right now, as many casino game developers are opting to create alcohol themed games. Jumping on that, Lucky Mai Tai is a release from Booming Games, who in a short period of time have become a fan favourite developer in the eyes of many. From our perspective, Lucky Mai Tai could be the game that cements the fun-loving nature of Booming Games.

Filled to the brim with sprit and certainly colourful in nature, Lucky Mai Tai is a game that is hard to take your eyes off. That being said, do the thrills go beyond just the looks of this game? As they say, there really is only one way to find out!

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Say “Hello!” to Paradise

Design wise, there’s no doubt that Lucky Mai Tai is a very beautiful game. At first glance, you’re welcomed by an expanse of aquamarine waterscape. In the near distance you can see green outcrops of tropical islands, which basically states that we’re also viewing this landscape alone. The reel grid resembles a beach hut and the corners are decorated with wooden torches that spit fire around the screen.

The symbols are represented by a purple orchid, a grinning pineapple that wears a pair of sunglasses, a blue fish, a parrot, and a bikini-clad female that wears a Hawaiian lei around her neck. Visually, you just can’t help but crack a smile when you look the UI of Lucky Mai Tai up and down.

Putting You Straight to Sleep

What’s disappointing about Lucky Mai Tai is that play like practically every other Booming Games release out there. For all the colour in this game we expected something out of the box, but all this medium variance, 5-reel, 3-row, 15-payline has to offer up is middle of the road gameplay at its most bland. Even the betting range is boring, as between 0.45 and 45.00 there just isn’t much at hand to get our blood pumping.

The only gameplay element of note is that at the end of each winning spin, the player gets the option to try to boost their winnings up to 10x. Of course, this is also very dangerous since only one wrong answer will instantly reduce the player’s total winnings to zero.

Leaving Footsteps in the Sand

An expressive face that’s carved into a piece of wood represents the wild of the game, and a Mai Tai cocktail represents the scatter here. The wild of the game replaces any other symbol in the game except for the scatter, while the scatters trigger multiple free spins. Speaking on the scatter symbol further, if you can get three or more scatters during the special feature, then you will receive 10 extra free spins.

The main draw of Lucky Mai Tai is the famous 2-Way Pay feature that Booming Games is known for. This basically means that all of the wins you’ll achieve on the active paylines will be counted both from left to right and from right to left, so you’ll get twice the amounts of winnings you’d usually get.

Getting Ready for a Big “Night Out”

Lucky Mai Tai is a real a mixed bag of game, as the theme is fun, but the gameplay tends to shoot wide of the mark. That being said, if you do want to experience a little more of the same, there are options out there worth exploring. Speaking on specifics, your first port of call should be the alcohol-fuelled Champagne, which also comes with its very own up and jumping “Party” bonus round.

Another game of note and an offering that players around the world will have already heard of is Playtech’s A Night Out. Ramped up to the max when it comes to fun, fans of Lucky Mai Tai are sure to get a big kick out of this progressive jackpot offering from Playtech.

Lucky Mai Tai Serves up Quite the Cocktail!

Wrapping up this review, we probably recommend this game to others in a pinch. It’s fast paced, fun, pretty to look at, and overall it feels like a very good game to spend your time on, even if the gameplay is boring at times. Not awful, but by no means perfect, while it won’t be for everyone, some players out there will certainly taking a few sips of Lucky Mai Tai.