Fan Tan or Sevens is a thrilling card game for desktop and mobile players. Also called Parliament, the game is played with cards forming sequences going up and down in suit from the sevens. Be the first to get rid of all your cards to win the game!

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History Of Fan Tan

Fan Tan is an interesting card game designed to be played by three to seven players. The game first became popular with Chinese immigrants in the United States, who played in many venues across San Francisco in the 19th century. Fan Tan also goes by a number of different names, including Sevens, Parliament, Domino, Stops and Crazy Sevens. It is also called Yuto in South America. The game is simple to play and the aim is to get rid of all your cards.

Ways To Play

The Fan Tan game is available to play for free at our recommended casinos as well as for real money. The playing style of the free online Fan Tan card game and the real money game is exactly the same. Selecting the free play version is an ideal way to practice your skills before staking any of your own real cash. You can opt to play this Chinese card game via download at one of our recommended sites or play in your browser for instant action.

Fan Tan Laid Out

The game layout for Fan Tan or Sevens consists of a whole deck of 52 cards being dealt between the players in a clockwise direction one at a time until the deck is used up. Some players might receive fewer cards than others, however it is traditional that any player who receives fewer cards adds an extra chip to the ante to repay the advantage. The game can be played by as few as 3 people or as many as 8, however around 4 to 6 players is probably ideal. The player who has the 7 of Hearts begins the game by playing the card. As play progresses, the cards are played face up in the centre of the layout, which takes the form of one row for each suit. The row begins with 7 in the middle and progresses towards the King on the right and the Ace on the left.

Rules Of The Fan Tan

After the 7 of Hearts has been played, the play continues around the table one by one with each player acting by laying down a card. The sevens are always the first card of the suit to be played. After the 7 has been played of that suit, the other cards can be laid down in sequence leading down to the Ace and upwards to the King. So after the 7 has been played, the next card in that suit must be a 6 or an 8. If a 6 is then played, the next card can be a 5, and so on. Once the end of a suit has been reached with the Ace and King both having been played, that row is turned over to indicate it is finished. Players must always act if they possibly can and it is illegal not to play a card if it is possible.

Special Features

There are a few special features which can alter the game rules slightly. The exact rules you play when playing online will depend on the software. In games at a real table, the rules depend on the house or on the players’ agreement. Sometimes players will play with chips and if a player breaks a rule, they forfeit some chips. For example if a player cannot play a card during the round, they have to add a chip to the centre of the table as a forfeit. If the player doesn’t play a card when they could have played, they have to forfeit 3 chips into the pot. If they miss playing a 7 the forfeit is 5 chips, which are payed to the played holding 6 and 8 of the same suit. Another variable feature of Fan Tan rules is the scoring system. You can simply keep playing until all players have played their cards with the first to finish being declared the winner. If you play with chips the winner takes the pot. Another popular option is to score 1 point for each card players are holding in their hand at the end of a round. Once one player reaches 100 points, the game ends and the player with the lowest score wins. Some variations play the rule that all the players have to give one chip to the winner for each card they still have in their hand at the end of the game. Other variations include playing with Ace as high instead of low. Other features in some versions of Fan Tan include letting players all start with the same number of cards, with any leftover cards being face-up utility cards for anyone to use. Some variants insist on an 8 being played after a 7, others require the player with the 7 of diamonds to start, while others still allow players to pass even if they are able to play a card.

Tips For Players

There are various tips and strategies for playing Fan Tan. One of the best tips for good Fan Tan strategy is to try to hold onto your middle cards, so don’t rush to play your 5, 6, 8 and 9 cards. These stopper cards are useful because they can block other players from playing, while not affecting your own play. By keeping hold of your stopper cards it prevent s any other players from adding to the rows and getting rid of their cards. If you can time your play perfectly, you will find the suits you need help with open up before you need to play your stoppers. The only exception to the stoppers strategy is if you hold the 8, 9 and 10 or the 6, 5 and 4 of the same suit. This keeps the play safe as you know you will be able to play these cards next time and use up your hand. Although it is tempting to hold onto a card if you would rather not play, this is against the rules and you will also get a forfeit of chips if you are playing these rules! The more complex strategy questions appear when you have a choice of cards to play during the round. The best tip here is to try to persuade other players to play the cards that belong to the suits in which you hold your highest (or lowest) cards. This is because it is hard to play the end cards and you will probably be holding onto them for a long time otherwise. You can encourage play in these particular suits by playing your own cards of these suits and players will be forced to follow if they have no alternative. Another tip is to play the 7 early of any suit where you hold a high or low card. You want to get to the end of that suit quickly so you can get rid of your end cards, so the sooner that row is started the better. You can improve your Fan Tan odds by encouraging play on the suits where you hold the high or low cards. If you are playing in a game with 4 players and you hold onto a 7 in a suit with lots of end cards, you increase your chances of not finishing last but you also decrease your chances of winning.

Fan Tan Conclusion

Fan Tan is a popular game among casino players and card game fans. With so many variations it is easy to explore and find the perfect game to suit your preferences. There are many chances to play Fan Tan for free online and you should take advantage of this as it is a good way of perfecting your skills. Whether you lay with scoring and chips or just until everyone has finished, you are sure to enjoy an exciting and engrossing game. If you enjoy playing Fan Tan or Sevens online, you could try out some other popular card games that have developed strong followings among gamers, such as /red-dog/ or /hi-lo/. These offer interesting new ways to test your skills and they can be played for free or for real money. You could also check out the variety of different card games at some of our recommended casinos, such as /reviews/kaboo-casino/ or /reviews/thrills-casino/ to try your hand at more fun games.