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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Caribbean Stud is a poker game for the masses. It’s one of the most popular variants of poker in existence. This much-loved table card game is a variant of the traditional format of poker. The single biggest difference is that the player doesn’t compete against other players on the table but is in direct competition with the dealer. This game was a response by the casino industry to help leverage more footfall from punters by creating a house banked game, the purpose of which was to make games individuals could play without minimum player requirements.

The game isn’t too complex to understand. The variant examples of Caribbean Stud in table formats can be daunting. However, titles such as NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud have a simplistic approach and an engaging quality for new users and pros alike. The rules are straightforward: The game has a progressive jackpot. So, you have two dynamics to engage with. The player will place an ante bet along with an optional progressive bet. The dealer and player get five cards each. The player must then choose between folding or raising. If the player folds, he forfeits his bets and cards immediately. If the player decides to raise the bet he must bet double the total sum betted.

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Dealer Must Qualify

The dealer must qualify to play – in fact they must have an Ace or a King or higher to qualify. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins the wager and the raise will be pushed until the next game. If the dealer qualifies and has a stronger hand, thus beating the player, the dealer will claim the players bets. If the dealer qualifies but loses out to the player then the progressive jackpot comes into play. This is based on table odds as advertised in-game. This means that the player will win even more money than the wagered table bet.

The Hands Explained

Here are a few hands that you need to understand to help you play Caribbean Stud Poker with success:

  • Royal Flush – this is when a player is holding the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten in the same suit
  • Straight Flush – this is when a player holds sequential cards in one suit (like, six, seven eight, nine and ten for example)
  • Four of a Kind – this is when a player holds all of the cards of a single rank (four Queens and a 2 of spades etc)
  • Full House – this is when a player holds three of one rank and two matching cards from another different rank (three tens and two aces etc)
  • Flush – this is when a player has a sequential collection of cards in the same suit
  • Three of a Kind – this is when a player holds three cards of the same rank with two of another rank
  • Two Pair – this is when a player holds two cards of the same rank with three of other ranks
  • No Pair – This is when the highest sequence card counts – it is the lowest hand possible

Differences Between Traditional Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker Online

The main differences between traditional variants of poker and Caribbean Stud are generally the deal and the locale of the setting. US and UK Caribbean Stud do vary. However, in relation to the Caribbean Stud online poker game, the main difference is structural layout and betting edges. The overall and defined house edge is 5.224%.

This is crucial because the percentile success, therefore, is based on successfully navigating the pitfalls of the game and getting a 2.3% advantage in relation to raising with Ace/King etc. But at the end of the day, Caribbean Stud Poker is an online casino table game that is designed for fun. It is a quick-fire alternative to the traditional realm of stud poker and this is a key factor in why the game is so popular and why it has become an online classic.

What to Know About Playing Caribbean Stud Poker Online

The realm of online gaming is an ever-evolving terrain, and with new players and new platforms launching daily, the average gamer has a wealth of options. Once a player has grasped the basics of Caribbean Stud Poker and the dynamics of gameplay and the betting, there’s nothing else to it other than to seek out a version of the game to play and get stuck in.

There are numerous variants of this popular casino game available from the likes of NetEnt and Playtech which have been designed for playing on mobile as well as on tablet and desktop. While the number of different poker variants on the market is dizzying, Caribbean Stud Poker remains a player favourite and for good reason.

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