Premier is a central tenet of this Microgaming classic title. Unlike other variants of Roulette, Microgaming created one of the most graphically-advanced interfaces in casino game platform gaming. This guide will explore the inner workings of Microgaming’s Premier Roulette and will look at the history of the game, the rules of gameplay and turn of play along with the differences with variant Roulette games and finally a word of caution about security and gambling for fun.

Roulette has a long and illustrious history. Invented by enlightened scientist and innovator Blaise Pascal, the game quickly grew in popularity and spread from the gaming rooms of France to become a global phenomenon. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and in the realm of digital casino gaming it has also become a standard bearer that continues to enthrall players all over the world. Microgaming’s Premier Roulette is a unique take on a classic roulette game. The genius of the game surrounds the visual splendour of the platform.

Gameplay & Turn of Play – The Basics

Much like traditional variations, Microgaming’s Premier Roulette has 37 variant betting options available to players. The payout is 36:1 and that is a strong increased return for anyone looking for an attractive flutter. The maximum bet is 300 coins and the minimum applicable bet is 0.5. Premier Roulette, like alternative roulette games, has a range of different game plays available. Furthermore, there are additional variations around the ‘split’ and ‘square’ betting outcome that showcase the diversity of choice available. Here is a full breakdown of possible bets:

  • Inside Bet – This bet is based on a single numbered bet
  • Outside Bet – This is a simple bet on a propositional value on the roulette table
  • Split Bet – This is a bet on two different number propositions – also known as a Cheval bet
  • Street Bet – This is a numerical proposition whereby a bet with a single coin over three number is undertaken
  • Square Bet – This is a bet based on four numbers being covered by a single chip, also known as a Corner Bet
  • Line Bet – This is a street bet whereby entire row is covered – also known as a Double Bet
  • Column Bet – This is a bet based on columns area called “2 to 1” at the bottom of a Roulette table
  • Dozen Bet – This is a bet based on the areas marked “1st 1, 2nd 12” etc which goes down the side of a Roulette table
  • Even-Money Bet – This is a bet based on an “even pair” outcome (red or white)

All Set to Go!

Once a player has picked their proposition on the Premier Roulette table by assigning chips to designated areas on the board, the game is then set in motion. The wheel will spin and the ball will drop and the real action begins. The process follows the same as traditional roulette variants – the ball is released into a spinning wheel and falls into a numbered rung. The outcome aside, the game is then over. Premier Roulette is an incredibly easy-to-use online roulette game for those looking for a fast-paced alternative. However, the real game starts when you begin to strategise. It is all about creating the right combinations that return the maximum payout possible.

Differences Between Traditional Roulette and Premier Roulette

The biggest differences when it comes to roulette are between the American and European Roulette tables. The American wheel has a digit more than the European alternative and that’s it – that’s the difference structurally between the two. However, the real differentiation is between the real-world and digital experience and this is how Premier Roulette beats alternative online casino games hands down. You see, the most enticing thing about Premier Roulette is the excellent odds available. Online platforms, like Premier Roulette, provide more generous odds than the old-fashioned offline casino alternatives.

Microgaming’s Premier Roulette

We won’t even try to start counting the sheer number of roulette games that have rolled out of the Microgaming production offices over the years, although if doing so sounds like your idea of fun then you’ll find the vast majority of them in the table games section here at Mr Gamez. Nevertheless, Premier Roulette lives up to its name by being perhaps the best of the lot, at least in terms of graphics and features. The first thing that will catch your eye is the wheel itself which takes up most of the top half of the gaming area. We often commend developers on the quality of graphics and animations on the wheel, but this really is something else.

If a spectacular wheel isn’t enough to convince you then Microgaming has a few more tricks up its sleeve to get you gaming on Premier Roulette. You can change the colour of the wheel to suit your tastes and even control the video zoom as the action plays out. If you’re short on time, or simply more concerned about what you’ve won than fancy graphics, you’ll enjoy the turbo feature, where you can skip the spin and go straight to the part where the ball lands. This is rounded off by a choice of normal or expert mode and even an auto play feature which while common on slots is a rarity on the wheel. Premier Roulette is a true stunner in our table games range here on the site and we invite you to sample it for yourself – no deposit required.

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