While the legal landscape of online gambling in America is constantly changing, several online casinos have and will continue to provide a wide range of online gaming opportunities to US players. Best of all, while the options may be restricted compared to a European player for example, the casinos that remain available to players are among the best in the business, allowing US gamblers to enjoy some healthy bonuses and great gaming action, all backed up by top notch player support. Many have also been around since before the laws on online gambling came into force, meaning that they have the reputations and track records to ensure player confidence in all of their safety and security measures.

When it comes to selecting the right online casinos for US players we utilise the very same criteria as all of our international operators but with a US twist. First and foremost, the casino must of course be willing to accept US players from any state around the country. Fortunately, currency is not a concern as even the larger international casinos continue to use US dollars as the currency of choice. Next up, as you would expect, is the game selection. US casinos are limited by the software providers themselves when it comes to some of the bigger name titles here at Mr Gamez, but we ensure that each and every one offers a healthy selection of slots, table games and video poker that are more than enough for fans of our titles here on the site. Finally, all of the criteria mentioned above for all online casinos continue to apply regardless of the player’s location for an enjoyable, safe US casino experience.

You can find out more details about each and every casino, including bonuses and games, by checking out the comprehensive reviews below.

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What Online Casino Betting Laws Should I Know About In The United States?

Online gambling in the USA is mostly controlled by state level laws, with the exact breakdown of what is and isn’t legal controlled by each individual state. In most cases, there are no laws restricting what players can do, though many federal and state laws prohibit operating online casinos. That helps explain why Americans often have fewer Internet gambling choices than those in other countries.

What Are The Best Deposit And Withdrawal Options In The United States?

Because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, online gaming banking options are somewhat restricted in the USA. One of the most popular options is the use of a credit or debit card, typically one bearing a Visa or MasterCard logo. Each issuing bank will have its own policies, which means that you may find that certain cards work at some casinos but not at others. A little experimentation will quickly let you know which of your cards deliver the best results at the sites you enjoy.

Will I Owe Taxes On Gambling Winnings?

Legally, all gambling winnings are taxable income in the United States. This is true whether you win a slots jackpot or are a successful professional poker player (though your income will be treated slightly differently in each case). However, few (if any) overseas sites will provide tax documentation for you, so it will be up to you to report your winnings (or not).

What States Regulate Online Casinos?

As of this writing, only three states in the USA regulate online gambling: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. In New Jersey and Delaware, there are state-licensed sites that offer both poker and casino games, while Nevada only regulates online poker. In each case, you’ll need to be in the state to play at these regulated Internet casinos, though you do not have to be a resident.