Eastern Dragon Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Arrow’s Edge brings a taste of the Orient with it in the form of Eastern Dragon, a humble but visually attractive set of 5 reels that offer a limited but rewarding paytable. Those familiar with the brand might have experienced more extravagant designs from them, like those seen in Chocolate Slots and License to Spin, but don’t let the uncomplicated interface deter you. Here you’ll still find much enjoyment, just on a less flamboyant scale.

This is a large and overpowering matrix of images, even despite its underplayed graphics; much of the background is dominated by the 3×5 grid. What this means is that your focus is always upon the prize, rather than becoming distracted by outside sources; we prefer a game that does this. It keeps us grounded.

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Slow Start

As you’ll undoubtedly know by now if you’ve attempted to play for yourself, the start of the game is incredibly slow, a design flaw that seems to haunt every game from the brand. For whatever reason, the spin button has no intensity behind it, and so the reels slowly roll round one after the other. It’s great for those looking for serene recreational activities, but if you’re seeking excitement, you’ll be hard pushed to find it here.

To make matters worse, there’s no means of speeding up the process, which seems unusual as most slots with slow reaction times tend to offer a means to improve. In truth, it won’t stop you from playing the title, but it might just mean you cut your time with Eastern Dragon short.

Rock the Dragon

Before you break out into a chorus of Dragon Ball Z’s theme tune, there’s no dragonballs to obtain here, but there is a red dragon icon that will prove most beneficial. Referred to as the substitute rather than the wild, it subs other icons all save for the scatter. However, it doesn’t stop there, for if two become part of a winning combination, a doubling up of your win will be provided. Remember though, this will only happen if both dragons are actively substituting other icons.

Your Lucky Coin

Luck is heavily linked to Asia, for their culture seems to be filled with all sorts of symbols and icons that are harbingers of fortune. Bearing that in mind, it’s no surprise that the scatter symbol, a tile that can bring multipliers, has been made to look like a Chinese lucky coin.

Instead of providing gamers with free games, which is normally what you see when several of the scatters come together, a multiplied win of up to x200 can be won if you get the top number of matches. This also means that finding the matches has been made easier, with a two of a kind combo being granted a x1 reward. It’s not as flashy as additional rounds, but it’s just as profitable.

All for the Jackpot!

Most of you have probably become used to the two-tier progressive jackpot of Arrow’s Edge games by now – it’s one of the reason they’re so fun to play. Well sadly there’s only one jackpot available here, and it’s on the low end of the scale; ours was worth just 1,054 credits when we played. That’s hardly going to make you a high roller, especially when four symbols upon the paytable grant anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 coins for a five of a kind win, with the koi carp the highest paying icon.

It almost begs the question as to why the jackpot was even included? We’re not saying random prizes of money aren’t appreciated, but that they should be more enthralling than the paytable if they’re to encourage us to keep on playing.

Gentle Serenity

You’d think with a name like Eastern Dragon there’d be fire in the bellies of the reels, but there’s a serenity found here that is in opposition to the name chosen. It’s annoying in the sense that you expect drama and get relaxation, but the end result is still you retiring with an ample supply of coins in your pocket.