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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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EGT slots are known for sticking to a very specific style when it comes to the gameplay. On the other hand, each game from them can take players to a new and original universe, or mix several influences together to create something unique. In Amazons’ Story, for example, players will be sent deep into the largest forest of the planet to uncover some big wins and… dice.

This particular video slot game is a surprising mix between an original, modern idea and a dice-based gameplay that is anything but modern or original. With up to 30 free spins to win, and the usual progressive jackpots, you might still want to take a closer look at Amazons’ Story, which we will be doing here in our full review.

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Deep in the Jungle

Once again, the EGT team has come up with a beautiful background to support the reels and the usual command buttons all around them. In Amazons’ Story, players will enjoy a beautiful view of the jungle, with trees and vines entwined from top to bottom. The sunset in the distance lights up the entire scenery in a beautiful, rose and orange glow.

The contrast between this stunning background and the ultra-classic reel symbols is quite striking. In a strange way, this is what made us curious about Amazons’ Story in the first place. It’s not every day that you see a bunch of dice spinning around in the middle of the jungle, but if you want to catch the eye of players on such a big market, then every idea is fair game.

The Adventure Begins

Amazons’ Story is played on 5 reels and 30 paylines, which you can activate thanks to the side tabs next to the reels. The shortcuts underneath them allow player to bet from 30 to 150 credits per turn, which is a little less than in many other EGT slots, if you check. Simply click on one of the shortcuts to place your bet and the reels will start spinning at once. You can also activate the autoplay mode whenever you see fit, and try the optional gamble to get a chance to double up your reward.

The most common symbols of the game are dice, followed by 3 Amazons with a top reward of 250 credits for players who dare go all-in on the reels. This makes Amazons’ Story surprisingly conservative in terms of cash rewards, much more so than the vast majority of slots from EGT. On the other hand, Amazons’ Story has a lower volatility than average. This means that you will be likely to score frequent rewards during the game, which will add up over time.

A Little Boost on the Reels

If you want to reach some bigger rewards, keep an eye out for the 4 progressive jackpots of Amazons’ Story. This is also a classic EGT feature: 4 ever-increasing rewards featured on top of the reels that can be won at anytime. All you have to do is keep on spinning the reels. The horse symbols might also come to the rescue as stacked wilds. They can also award up to 5,000 extra credits when you play all-in.

The axes are scatters, which can trigger up to 30 free spins and a small cash prize. Note that scatters are stacked as well, which is not a very common sight. On the other hand, you will need to find 7 to 9 of them on the reels at the same time to trigger a bonus. In the end, the probability of you winning free spins remains the same as in a regular scatter bonus.

Not so Unique After All

In terms of gameplay, Amazons’ Story is quite close to Caramel Dice. Not only do both games share the same retro style and symbols, but their betting range and general settings are also very similar. This puts both of them apart from the bulk of the EGT portfolio, with games that usually allow players to bet more on the reel.

Shadow Of The Panther from IGT is another game with tropical settings. No dice in view there, but similar basic settings as in Amazons’ Story. You will only be able to score a maximum of 15 free spins at a time there, but your likelihood of actually doing so is actually higher than Amazons’ Story, in the long term.

We Were Expecting More

Amazons’ Story is a rather surprising slot game at first, which ends up being quite classic once you start looking beyond the surface. Despite its original style and stacked scatters, the game is a rather typical EGT slot with lower rewards than we would have liked. You will really have to take advantage of that low volatility and score plenty of consecutive wins to end up with a big reward.

The most rewarding feature of Amazons’ Story ends up being the free spins and the progressive jackpots themselves. Given that these features are very common amongst EGT games, this doesn’t give a lot of incentive for players to give Amazons’ Story a try. You might want to go full retro and check out Caramel Dice instead.