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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you have been scouting the slot game market for a while, then you have probably already noticed the tendency that some developers have to introduce dice-shaped icons into their most recent games. Following this trend, the EGT team came up with Caramel Dice, a retro video slot game with very straightforward rules.

Caramel Dice is about as simple as a slot game can be when it comes to its basic gameplay. The low volatility of the game makes it also easier for players to score frequent wins on the reels. Let’s see if this will be enough to make Caramel Dice worth a try in our full review of the game, where we will examine all of its main aspects.

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Roll the Dice

Caramel Dice, just like any retro slot game, does not really have a particular theme. The background is just a uniform caramel-colour field, with an amber glow supporting the reels and command buttons, which are similar to those of plenty of other slot games from EGT. Apart from that, Caramel Dice is as simple as can be.

Despite its retro theme, we found the graphic quality of Caramel Dice to be higher than average. The symbols and background might be simple, but each dice looks almost real as they spin on the reels. This might not be enough to catch your eye, so let’s have a look at the gameplay next.

Not as Many Options as Usual

Caramel Dice is based on 5 reels and 30 paylines, with a betting range starting at 30 credits per turn. You can go up to 150 credits, which is lower than in most other EGT slot games. The side tabs will help you activate paylines freely, with the usual autoplay mode available as well. The reels will start spinning as soon as you click on one of the bet shortcuts located at the bottom of the game screen.

Also contrary to many other EGT games, Caramel Dice is based on a low volatility that makes most low rewards very easy to get. Try to bet some extra credits to take advantage of this. Otherwise, the paytable contains 6 classic dice, plus a 7, 8 and 9 dice with a top prize of 100 credits when playing on the lowest settings possible. Here again, Caramel Dice appears to be less generous than the EGT average.

No Free Spins to Be Found

Caramel Dice stays classic when it comes to bonus features as well. You have the 4 progressive jackpots, just like in any EGT slot, spinning on top of the reels and ready to fall at any time. The wild dice will also appear anywhere on the reels, ready to replace other symbols and to award up to 1000 credits when playing on the lowest settings.

The red scatter dice are also a predictable feature of Caramel Dice. Regardless of their exact position, they are worth up to 200 times your current wager. This alone is the highest reward in Caramel Dice. Surprisingly enough, you will not find any free spin bonus in Caramel Dice, which is a bit of a shame.

Different from most Other EGT Slots

We have made several comparisons between Caramel Dice and other EGT slots, and so for good reasons. While most EGT games stick to very similar bet settings, Caramel Dice seems to be more conservative and less generous on the paytable. You can compare with slots such as Wonder Tree or Road Of Mexico, for instance.

If you are curious about dice-based slot games, then there are plenty of other options to consider. If you would rather stick to the EGT portfolio, then check out 40 Super Dice. On a larger, 40-payline setup with a higher volatility and bigger rewards, you might be able to grab some more interesting prizes along the way.

A Missed Opportunity for EGT

Caramel Dice might not register on the radar of most players because of its retro theme. We have to admit that a bunch of dice spinning on an abstract background isn’t exactly the most appealing. The game also turned out to be more conservative in terms of rewards and, overall, less attractive than most EGT slot games.

Dice-based slot games can definitely be original and fun to play. We simply felt that Caramel Dice wasn’t really part of that category. A few free spins and perhaps a separate bonus round would have changed our conclusion completely. You can still enjoy the 4 EGT progressive jackpots here, which can still yield some very big cash prizes.