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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Maybe vintage style would have been a better name for this slot machine than retro, for retro embodies a lot of different ideologies in the online gaming community than just fancy looking old cars and 1950s American diners.

Even though the theme isn’t as well rounded, or as well executed, as it could have been, it helps you feel like you’ve travelled back in time and rediscovered all the wonders of old school gaming. That being said, the 5-reels and 20 paylines have clear influences from more contemporary titles, making it a creation born of both eras instead of just one.

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Timeless Style and Fashion

The main focus of the imagery here is that of vintage cars, which once again doesn’t exactly line up with the title of the game, but no matter, the graphics employed look great, the shine on the bonnets almost realistic.

There’s an art deco feel to the background, but the grid itself looks no different from other EGT titles, which means that regular players could start to become disheartened by the repeated use of the same old formats.

Born Wild and Free

The wild symbol makes all the difference to winnings here, which you’ve no doubt gathered if you’ve taken a sneak peek at the paytable. This is because there are values for the symbols on their own, and then another for when they’re paired with the wild; you might have seen it in other games, but it isn’t overly common.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the money you will receive will be the same as if you’d got five of a kind of the wild, as it’s not – to get the maximum payout of euros, you need to get all five wilds. Otherwise the pay will be a lot less.

Take the blue vintage car as the prime example of this, on its own it can reach the heights of between €400 and €8,000 (depending on your first bet), however when it’s combined with the wild (and wild has made a substitution), the values change to between €800 and €16,000.

Fancy a Spin?

A slot machine without free games is like a car without wheels: it just doesn’t work, so it’s nice to see that EGT have included a decent selection in Retro Style. The logo of the game is what acts as the scatter symbol, a tile that adopts the shape of a car wheel but looks more like a black and white dartboard. Users can get two of a kind, but it’s only when they get over three that the extra spins will begin.

You can get either 15, 20 or 25, which is obviously based on the number of tiles you manage to match up. However, each set of games will have a x3 multiplier attached, which makes getting a lower amount of spins less bitter and more sweet. A multiplier of this size can make all the difference.

Ever Moving Forwards

Progressive jackpots don’t make or break a game, but they can’t hurt to be included, and with Retro Style there are four jackpots to aim for instead of just one. You’ll have probably spotted them before now, but haven’t been sure of what the numbers meant – the card suits of the heart, spade, diamond and club sit proudly atop the title of the game. Every few seconds the number increase and the ante is upped.

Getting your mitts on the money isn’t something you can easily predict, for the whole event is based on a random occurrence, which means you can play many rounds of Retro Style without ever getting a sniff.

The Good Ol’ Days

There’s nothing like the good old days, where everything seemed easier. In truth, modern titles offer a better selection and variance than Retro Style, but the sense of connection you get with old school gaming, and the past in general, makes this one of those much loved activities.

It’ll win you over, that’s for sure.