Royal Secrets Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Send yourself back to the olde times with this slot machine from Euro Games Technology.

Euro Games Technology is an experienced software development company which has designed an extensive range of novelty and historically themed casino games such as Venezia d’Oro, Witches’ Charm and Zodiac Wheel. While it may not be one of the top software developers in the business, EGT should by no means be overlooked if you want a solid bout of slot machine entertainment.

You can get exactly that with this 5 reel video slot. Royal Secrets has 10 paylines as well as a couple of exciting bonus rounds, one of which gives you the chance to win a tidy sum with its jackpot prize. The wagering starts from 10 and goes up in increments which include 20, 50, 100 and 200.

While only having 10 paylines, thus a smaller chance to land on a winning combination, this slot will reward those who stick with it thanks to its return to player percentage of 96.37%.

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A Royal Affair

You always know what you are going to get with an EGT designed slot machine – good quality graphics, exciting sound effects, interestingly themed icons, an easy to use interface and a chance or two to bring home some serious winnings.

That is exactly what you get with Royal Secrets, an honourable slot machine which takes you on a medieval themed adventure with a royal twist. Bringing together an atmosphere that combines nobility and sovereignty with a little bit of fairytale splendour, this could be just the slot machine you need to escape to a whole new exciting realm of riches.

The game has a pleasantly designed set of icons which spin over a marvellous scenic backdrop depicting a grand silhouette of a castle at sunset. There are 11 icons in total, some of which are simple letters and numbers. However, there is a selection of icons to suitably match the slot machines’ sovereign theme.

You will meet the royal family itself with symbols which depict a noble king and queen looking suitably powerful and stately. There is also a royal maid and a royal guard – whose grey beard and sallow complexion suggest that you won’t have any trouble getting by him after you’ve stolen the royal loot. There is also a castle which is the wild card and two scatter cards – a key and a crown.

The gameplay is super easy. You simply have to choose your wagering amount from the options below the game screen and press “Start” to spin. Take note however that selecting one of the wagering amounts will trigger the slot machine to spin, so only click on an amount if you are certain that you want to place that much as a bet. There is also an autoplay feature, which means that you can continue spinning while you are making yourself a king-sized cup of tea.

Bonus Rounds Fit for a Monarch

You can embark upon a couple of special bonus rounds while playing the Royal Secrets slot machine.

The first is a “Gamble” round which can be initiated whenever you hit one of the 10 paylines. After your winnings are tallied up, a “Gamble” button will light up in blue. Clicking this button will take you into a special game chamber where you simply have to guess the colour of a face down card. Guess correctly and you will double your winnings and be given a chance to guess again. Guess wrong and the winnings will be confiscated from you and you will be taken back to the main screen.

There is also a jackpot cards bonus round which can be randomly triggered at any point during the game after you spin. In this side game you will have to pick three cards from the same suit out of a pile of 12. Turn over a matching trio and you will win the jackpot kitty that corresponds to the suit. Simple.

A Right Royal Slot?

This decent little game from Euro Games Technology invites you to attend the royal court to meet some noble medieval monarchs. If you play your luck right, you may be leaving with some handsome winnings.

That said, there are a few disappointing aspects to Royal Secrets. One being that there are no free spins available to keep your excitement levels topped up. The other downside is that, with only 10 paylines in play, you might be left feeling a bit like Prince Charles having to wait an eternity for the crown jewels to come into your possession.