Savanna’s Life Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Many online slots are loosely based on a physical machine, but very few of them are actually based on a land based title, but that’s what you get when you play Savanna’s Life. Its African theme is rather unusual, as it’s an uncommon theme, already helping to propel it in front of other potential activities you could have opted for.

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Natural Beauty Indoors

The savannah is a fantastically beautiful stretch of landscape, primarily known to hardcore travellers, but now even the most timid of explorers can search high and low from the safety of their living spaces. EGT has brought the scenery to life in yet another wonderful display of top notch graphics.

It’s a shame that the dusty views and wild beasts are hidden away behind the matrix of images, as the quality we can see peeking from either side is second to none. There’s a 3D realistic texture to it all, but with a gentle cartoony edge.

As for inside the grid, the majority of the symbols mimic this style, but some of the tiles are a lot cruder and simplistic, sadly taking away from the visual splendour of the activity.

Cheaper Than a Flight

Flying across the globe on a tight budget is hard, but with Savanna’s Life your bet need only cost you €1, making this a flexible and adaptable game you can tune in for whenever the mood takes you.

That figure, though, is assuming you decrease all your winlines and opt for a more volatile experience; if you’d rather play with all paylines, your wager will be closer to €20. This isn’t too bad a price in all honesty, but it’s still a bigger chunk of cash than most would like to part with.

To spin the reels you need to tap the numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen, which appears to be a typical characteristic of EGT games. Some of you will probably find this confusing or complex, as you can’t deny that having a specific spin button is a lot more convenient, but try to look past it. In fact, in the end you might even relish this way of playing.

There’s an automatic play option, but it’s been downplayed and made very small, so much so that you can easily overlook it and think it’s part of the general settings. When you select it it’ll turn red to show that the feature is in action, and to also show that the widget has now changed to a stop button.

Hunting for Free Spins

Gamers can pick up their spears and hunting gear to search out a decent supply of amusement, which in this instance takes the form of 12 extra games. The scatter icon is a sun drenched view of the savannah, the silhouette of trees and animals lit up beautifully; it can bring in as much as €40,000, but can also reward as little as €2,000.

Sadly these extra rounds are the only worthwhile feature of the entire game, which is where the problems start to set in when we look at the entertainment value of Savanna’s Life. Even though purist gaming is always welcomed by a select few, it isn’t very appealing to all players, and thus it limits the interest that the title generates.

Doubling up for a Big Win

Gamble freely whenever you make a win by opting for the chance to double up your funds – some risk is involved with this option as it’s very cutthroat, potentially leaving you empty handed. However, that’s part of its charm: the danger of losing it all and walking away with nothing. We grant you it isn’t for the faint hearted.

It’s a card game – as normal – where you guess between red and black, the face down card flashing through the two options in rapid succession, almost putting you off at the last minute.

Not a Life for Everyone

This slot from EGT isn’t one of the best available, for it feels too much of the same from the brand, with only the theme making it feel remotely different.

What is more, the appeal of the Jackpot Cards has been greatly reduced because of how often you come across this feature, or similar. Nothing is innovative or fresh here, and it shows.