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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Crack open the chemistry set, put on a pair of protective goggles and get ready to experiment in the ancient art of alchemy with this slot machine from Euro Games Technology (You don’t actually have to wear goggles, but if you feel like it might enhance the experience, then by all means do).

Did you know that the alchemists of old sought to transform everything they could lay their hands on into gold? Well you can learn the Secrets of Alchemy and perhaps get your hands on your own share of the gold with this 5-reel slot machine with 25 paylines.

With Bulgarian based software developers Euro Games Technology as the catalyst behind this reactive slot machine, you can be sure that you will get a decent yield of quality entertainment from Secrets of Alchemy. That said, the graphics aren’t anything special, particularly when compared to other slot machine games available to play nowadays.

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The Scientific Method

The method behind this slot machine is simple. As with any good experiments you will need a variable ingredient, such as a scale of different bet amounts perhaps. Luckily, Secrets of Alchemy provides you with a few bet values to choose from – 25, 50, 125, 250 and 500. Choose one of these bet values and see what happens when you spin it with the reactive ingredients that lie within this slot machine. Simply press “Start” to initiate a spin, or press the autoplay button to send the slot machine into autopilot.

The reactive ingredients in question include some iconic symbols from the historical practice of alchemy. There are golden roses, pure golden bars and a big cook book of alchemy recipes. There is also a random man and woman, who ostensibly have no other purpose than to sit there looking pretty (even though shoddy rendering of the graphics does make these characters appear as if they have been testing some dodgy potions).

There is one scatter card, depicted by the floating island and one wild card which is signified by a mage-like old man carelessly wielding a vial of dangerous looking liquid. Obviously health and safety rules didn’t apply back in the days of Secrets of Alchemy.

Every spin gives you a chance to line up one of 25 different paylines, all of which can be found if you click on the “Paytable” link in the top left hand corner of the screen. If you find the right combination of ingredients then you might just transform your bet into a golden payout.

Red or Black? It’s Your Gamble

The Secrets of Alchemy slot machine gives players a chance to up the ante with a neat little gamble feature. You can choose to gamble if the amount that you win on any one spin is less than 875, all you have to do is click the blue “Gamble” button and hope that today is your lucky day.

When you are on the gamble screen you will be given a choice of red or black to guess the colour of a turned over card. Guess correctly and you will double your winning and get another go. Get it wrong and you will lose your winnings and go back to main game.

Intoxicating Free Spins

Secrets of Alchemy gives you the chance to play 7 free spins if you line up 3 scatter symbols on any one spin. Unfortunately, these spins are not subject to a multiplier but you will have the opportunity to gamble if the total amount won is lower than 875.

The Philosopher’s Jackpot

The Secrets of Alchemy jackpot bonus round is a card based side game which offers up a 4 tier jackpot bonus. The four levels are indicated by the four card suits as such:

  • Clubs = level 1 (lowest level)
  • Diamonds = level 2
  • Hearts = level 3
  • Spades = level 4 (highest level)

The objective of this bonus round is to pick 3 cards from a set of 12 cards. If you select 3 from the same suit then you will win the jackpot prize belonging to that suit.

A Golden Concoction?

In all honesty, Secrets of Alchemy is a fairly below standard offering from EGT in terms of design. The graphics leave something to be desired, especially since the human character icons are terribly rendered and the background is a quite uninspiring mouldy green colour.

That said, there is a good chance to take home some winnings from this game with its 25 paylines and bonus features. So if you can stomach the slightly unpalatable concoction that is Secrets of Alchemy, then you might just be rewarded which a golden outcome.