Super 20 Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Sometimes you just need to strip everything back and rely on the age old components of slot machines to get you through your evening. Modern video slots are everywhere, often stealing the limelight from lesser known titles, but with Super 20 the spotlight is firmly placed back on old school gaming styles.

The combination of 5 reels and 20 paylines, all filled with traditional imagery, makes this a pure game to manhandle your way through. There’s no flurries of tedious special rounds to bog you down, making this the minimalist king of the slots.

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A Slice of the Action

Getting a piece of the pie or a slice of the action isn’t overly costly with the vast majority of EGT games, however Super 20 isn’t the lowest betting range they’ve offered users, which means it’s not as accessible as it could be. This is due to the fixed winlines.

There’s 20 of them in total, meaning that the starting bet mimics that value and selects its starting wager at €20. This is normally seen in EGT titles, as is the way of selecting the bet total: you have to tap the appropriately numbered button. It creates more widgets to engage with, but actually makes the betting process quicker because everything is one click away rather than several.

The list of winlines are still presented on either side of the grid, but they can’t be changed, which really begs the question as to why they were included in the layout? Nevermind, it allows gamers to visualise where all the winning lines fall and crossover.

Turning Credits into Diamonds

You’ll have probably spotted the diamond icons next to all the images upon the paytable – these show you that the currency here is paid in virtual diamonds, which is then transformed into credits, which then becomes euros. All you really need to know is that 1 credit = 1 diamond.

The scatter symbol is the most valuable of all, and yet it does nothing other than award you large amounts of cash; usually a scatter has free games attached, but not this one. The big red and gold star just drops some cash when you find between three and five of them, and that’s about it. The most you can get from it is €200,000.

As for the 7 (that’s the wild of the game), it moves all of the pawns of the grid about except for the scatter; completely normal and expected. It can gift users between €40 and €20,000, making it another big money tile upon the matrix.

Show Your Hand

A lot of slots nowadays have gamble options, a way to increase your payout or risk it all, and Super 20 is no different. There’s a black box in the lower right hand corner that informs you of your wins, which will flash up the gamble toggle once your total has been counted.

From there a window will show up, in it a row of faced down cards, and then a single faced down one – you have to guess red or black until your luck runs out. You won’t just get one guess but several, should you keep winning, but it’ll all be over in a flash if you fail. It’s gripping stuff, but it’s been done a dozen times over, by other brands, and so it isn’t as intense as it should be.

Potty for That Jackpot!

Slots have jackpots of some kind, but Super 20 has the Jackpot Cards, an additional feature that can happen at anytime during your playthrough. If one of the four card suits show up, the totals ever increasing above the grid could be yours; this is serious money being given out here.

However, the randomness of the event appears rather… delayed, making it a difficult nut to crack.

Stay true though, as you can see it is possible to get these big victories because other players have done so in the past. That’s probably why the winner’s information is provided when you check out these card values, to ensure you keep on playing, in a bid to get the goods.

A Super Duper Experience

Super 20 is rather super at the end of the day; sure it has room for improvement, but very few slots actually don’t. And as far as vintage games go, this is one of the better out there.

That being said, it’s definitely one that is for gamers who prefer clean cut and uncomplicated themes, making it a rather niche title.