The Story of Alexander Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You don’t need to know the actual history behind Alexander the Great to appreciate The Story of Alexander from EGT, aka Euro Games Technology.

This retelling, if you can even call it that, will take out the bloody military parts and give you casual fun that all (legal) ages can enjoy. Better still, it’s a game that you can easily pick up and put down, adding to its convenience.

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Once upon a Time

Okay, okay, this isn’t exactly a story to tell your little ones before bed, but every story has a beginning, and this instance is no different. Yours begins with a backdrop of dense woodland, the tops of the trees almost out of sight, with only the bluest of skies lurking above the canopy.

Even though the edge of the grid isn’t without a frame, the way the developers have stylised the title makes it feel like the matrix is weightless, merely hanging in mid air. It’s a great effect, and one that opens up the game and creates a less conventional slot machine experience.

The name of the slot has been kept relatively small, in an attempt to not outshine the main body of the game, with only the controls as powerful as the symbols used; we like this move. It’s bold and, quite frankly, makes sense.

A slot machine that understands its users and responds to them? What more could you ask for.

It’s a Jackpot Scramble!

The graphics would have been cause to celebrate, seeing as they’re some of the best we’ve seen, but then we discovered the Jackpot Cards, a feature unlike any we’ve seen before. Basically, there are four jackpot levels, each of which are marked by the four different card suits.

The occurrence of these symbols can happen at random, immediately providing your funds with a much needed money cushion. To be in with a chance of knowing what to expect, there are four counters at the top of the game screen, each of which are increasing by the minute. Some are, of course, more impressive than the others, but any of those amounts would do us nicely.

Simplified Betting for All

The betting system in place in The Story of Alexander is a very simple one, which means that the user friendliness of the game is off the charts. However, there’s a catch, and that’s that the lowest you can bet is €50, provided you play with all 50 of the winlines.

Should you reduce that down to just 1 payline, the initial wager will be worth €1; although much cheaper, this will definitely hinder your gaming experience because of the increased difficulty.

Money values increase from 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, assuming you’re all in like, and is easily changed by clicking the button marked with that number. To spin the reels you actually have to hit these numbers rather than a dedicated spin button, which will divide a lot of players.

A unique system is also in place to set the number of winlines: a column on either side of the grid has 1, 10, 20, 30 and 50 listed, with the chosen number highlighted in yellow. Simply tap the number of your choice and the settings of the game will calibrate accordingly.

Walk like a Grecian

Poor pun aside, and mutilation of a popular song, there’s not a lot we can say about The Story of Alexander that we haven’t already covered. The same has a glorious set of graphics, as well as easy to use controls, but when it comes to the gameplay there is a sense that something is lacking.

That being said, the card jackpots do help change up the pace and add an extra layer of excitement, however even that is short lived.