4 of a King Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Usually the retro themed slots we tackle have a more different aesthetic to this one; 4 of a King looks like your standard table top in a casino, be that a casino from the 1940s/50s. We enjoy the choice of aesthetic because of how unique it looks – there’s not many slot machines on the market that look like this. There’s similar, but not exact.

Even though we’re excited, there is a slight kink in the works here, and that’s that this real cash slot is a very simplistic experience, emphasise the ‘very’. From what we can see and from our personal playthroughs, we can inform you that there’s literally nothing special about the paytable of this game. It’s unremarkable.

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Little Not Large

This may look to be your conventional slot machine with 3×5 grid, but there’s only 10 paylines in total, which means that this game is on the small side. We’ve played smaller, but with the lack of features already an issue, the compact parameters are a cause for concern. For those that like challenging themselves as they game, there are opportunities for you to reduce the number of lines down even further, though we wouldn’t recommend it.

One aspect that isn’t that small though is the betting range; it starts from 10 credits, which while not exactly a steep fee isn’t cheap either. Furthermore, while there’s a silver coin in the upper left hand side, we can’t tell you whether it affects the value of the bet or not because we didn’t notice a difference in the total given. Basically, the interface isn’t as user friendly as it appears or as it could be. So far, 4 of a King isn’t shaping up to be all that regal, more like a commoner in rich people’s clothing.

Flipping Cards

The paytable is an interesting one to look at, mainly because a lot of the symbols are simply different coloured cards, all of which are faced down. A nice touch is that when you line up a win with these, they flip over to reveal a suit from a standard deck of cards. It’s a subtle element but it goes a long way in enhancing the aesthetic and atmosphere of the slot.

However, bear in mind that you’re not matching the unseen suits, you’re simply matching the colour of the cards. It may sound obvious, but some users may get confused due to how different this is from contemporary slots we see today. We’re used to big Ks and Qs, not hidden card values.

Higher or Lower, Sir?

Seeing as the entire design of the game is a thorough one, detailed in even the most minute of features, it’s no surprise that the gamble option is a card game. In this one you’re not guessing the suit though, which actually makes a pleasant change. This isn’t an advanced slot, but Endorphina have tried to make the gameplay interesting nonetheless, and we appreciate it.

You’ll be shown one card flipped over, with several others face down – you need to decide which of these cards you’d like to turn over to reveal its value. You want the card you pick to be higher, otherwise it’s the end of the line for you. The round isn’t that volatile, so there’s a chance for you to up the ante on your stakes, but don’t get cocky otherwise you’ll get stung.

A Change of Tempo

There’s an exact match in pretty much everything from this slot machine, if you know where to find it… a clue is that it’s inside the brand itself. Endorphina, a bit like Genesis Gaming, tends to use the same setups over and over, meaning that a lot of their slots are simply remodelled with a new face. A cop out though it feels, it does mean that happy gamers can jump from one slot they love to the next, without any hiccups. If you want to do that, try out Shaman from the label, as it gives the full package, just inside a mystical interface instead.

King of Nothing?

4 of a King isn’t a king of anything in our minds – it doesn’t bring anything to the table and lacks any stimulation for players to latch onto. There’s a decent gamble feature, and the graphics are to a high standard, but that’s not going to get you wanting to play more. Having played other real cash slots from Endorphina, we know that they’re capable of more features than this. We hope this was just them trying out something new because if not, they’ve got a problem on their hands.