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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The action is going to come flying your way with the energetic paytable of Blast Boom Bang, a slot that details its raw power inside its own title. Brought to you by Endorphina, a relatively modern brand, this game promises to be as exciting as any other comic book themed title on the market.

Due to being an originally created game, e.g. without previously established characters, appealing to the general population isn’t as difficult as it is for Marvel or DC games. They can stick to conventions but come and go as they please with their creativity, which is ideal for those that dislike the big name superheroes in circulation. That being said, whether Endorphina have done a good job is another matter entirely…

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Traditional Style

One of the biggest problems with any real cash slot breaking into the comic side of aesthetics is that they have so many hoops to jump through. If a company thinks too outside the norms they get scalded, but if they think too typically they become boring or out of touch; it’s a thin line to walk.

For us, we feel that Endorphina has mainly played it safe, turning to the staple graphics of comic book illustrations. The delivery is more high tech then a few scribbles on a page, but essentially you see the roughness like you would do if you got a first edition print. It isn’t that we don’t like the design, but more that it’s so predictable, not to mention way too purple. We know some heroes have set colours, but even this feels a little too in your face for us.


This wouldn’t be a comic hero slot without a bomb scare somewhere on the reels, so luckily that’s what you’re getting with the wild icon. Although good on its own, it really comes into play when you activate the free games, which is done by obtaining three scatter icons. So far so simple, but no more easy than normal to achieve.

You need only three of the scatter symbol because of how it can only land on select reels, and so you have an easier to achieve formation, but one that’s restricted by the grid. Hurdles aside, once you get the ball rolling you’ll have 100 extra spins to work your way through. During this time the wild symbols that show up will stick in place for the remainder of the spins, giving you a greater likelihood of getting substituted victories.

Becoming the Villain

Sometimes being the bad guy is way more appealing than being the good – you can get away with doing more questionable things, and you tend to have the cooler outfit. The thing is, finding online slots that are independently made rather than a partnership with a big comic brand is hard to find. Nevertheless, we persisted so that you could learn about The Dark Joker Rizes, developed by Yggdrasil.

This isn’t the most attractive of games, and so we’d say that Blast Boom Band is better looking, but it delivers the same type of easy to play format. What is more, you have a new selection of features to sample, which is always an added bonus for you diehard players out there. Other than this option though, most of the other superhero offerings are from Marvel or DC, which means you’re quite limited if the theme isn’t a factor you’ll budge on.

Out with a Bang

Endorphina have created quite a few games, despite their young years, but all of them always seem to be missing that extra ingredient, that something that makes them a star. This is what has befallen Blast Boom Bang: it’s a slot machine that has potential, but it never unleashes any of it. Instead it becomes a middling online game of average depth and size. Even when taking all that into account though, we’d still recommend a playthrough of this title, although the demo version would be more preferable.