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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Endorphina is going way back in time with Chimney Sweep, a retro themed slot machine that brings all the glamour of Victorian England with it. Wait, did we say glamour, we meant to say dirt and soot, for this is a messy job that few would entertainment. And yet the female chimney sweep seems more than happy with her lot in life.

As a brand, Endorphina seem to try and tackle the subject matter that others might not; take 2016 Gladiators for example, that slot machine is a coming together of past and present Olympic Games. In truth, the company didn’t quite hit the mark with the final product, but it showed their passion to try on different themes. Unconventional themes. But in an industry where familiarity tends to be favoured, will Chimney Sweep make the grade?

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Truly Unique? Nah

Seeing as we’re on topic right now, let’s take a closer look at what we mean about Chimney Sweep and it being unusual. When you go to compare it with other slots, very few have the same aesthetic as this one, not just the style but the execution of it as well. However, as for the features, they’re tenpenny. In fact, the features are so stereotypical of slot machines that we can’t understand why Endorphina has received such high raise regarding this game.

We don’t wish to take away any value from the title, for it is a good online game, but we’d just like to make a point that you could play Sea Sirens from Novomatic and get a similar experience. True, there’s marked differences, but that’s perfectly normal within the type of industry we’re working with. Ah well, at least you have another slot to now try out, so it can’t be all bad.

Crackling Fire

Clean chimneys are a must if you want to have as little soot inside your home; you can’t eliminate it completely, but the cleaner the fire, the better the final outcome. Speaking of fires, the scatter symbol is your entry point into the free games, which is the only bonus of Chimney Sweep.

In a nice turn up for the books, the extra spins are not only considerably large in size but they also have an additional extra, in that they have a x3 multiplier included. We know this is hardly the stuff that gamers dream of, but it’s better than having no special paytable at all, and so we can’t really complain. Nonetheless, having seen 100 free rounds in Blast Boom Bang, only receiving 15 spins here seems a trifle small.

Niggly fiddly

It isn’t just the subject matter or the features that has us going back and forth on our opinions, it’s the interface and its controls as well. They’re a nightmare to navigate. Endorphina have tried to make the controls so seamless that all you need to do is tap and play. But before too long you’re swiping here and pulling there, all of which results in you becoming angry and frustrated.

To add further fuel to the fire, you have a paytable that doesn’t scroll with your cursor, meaning you’re clicking and dragging in order to get information. This we hate, with a passion. Slot Machines are meant to be about convenience, but Chimney Sweep is one big hassle after the next when you start taking its settings into account.

Credits or Cash?

Although we’ve just given the mechanics a bashing, there’s a redeeming feature we need to address, and it’s the betting range. Inside the settings you can select whether you see your bet in credits or currency instead, an option all slots should include. Sometimes it’s so difficult to work out what you’re actually paying because of how unclear the information is, but Endorphina have bypassed that problem completely.

Sweeping for Life

Chimney Sweep is a slot that comes in two halves: inside the first section you see the innovation of the theme, but then throughout the second part you see the predictability of the gameplay. We’d like to pretend that they’re level pegging, but the issues surrounding the gameplay outweigh the aesthetic every time. Even though we’re pleased we tried this slot on for size, but doubt we’ll be playing again.