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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Prior to our experience with Endorphina, we believed that SA Gaming had the monopoly on half naked women, but then we played Fairy Tale and our opinion changed. This winged real cash slot may have a very sensual interface, but the gameplay is one of purity and simplicity. These two components sound like they shouldn’t fit together, and yet they do with ease.

As far as aesthetic goes, this is one of Endorphina’s more polished slot machines. Seeing as they’re a contemporary brand, their games tend to be attractive anyway, but they still put more effort in some over others. Of course, having good looks means nothing in this industry because of how critical us players can be, and so Fairy Tale better bring more than curves if it’s to succeed.

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Seeing the Light

Before we put the graphics to bed though, it’s only fair that we give them the praise they’re due. Just look at those 5 reels, each section is of the highest definition. An attribute that transfers to your smaller devices, such as your tablets and smartphones, meaning you never lose depth.

In regards to the imagery showcased, it isn’t your typical fantasy themed game, for there’s a lot of fluffy marshmallow clouds covering the screen, as well as ripe green vines. If we didn’t know better, we’d hint at it being an Ancient Roman themed title rather than a whimsical one. Not that it reduces the quality of the game, in fact we’d argue that it improves it because more people should find something appealing upon the 20 winlines.

Should Angels Gamble?

This is a question that needs to be answered, especially because of the gamble feature included in the gameplay. Double or nothing options are rife in lots of slot machines, and so Endorphina is no different. But what is, is how little they tweak the appearance of these rounds. Instead of trying to personalise each experience, they make it exactly the same every time; it means less work for them but it also means less fun for us.

The angelic lovelies of the paytable will watch on as you select which out of the cards is higher in value than the suit shown by the dealer. As always the values of the cards you’re picking are hidden from view, therefore making the process much harder. However, we found that the difficulty here wasn’t that rigid, and so we made just as many wins as we did losses.

Opening the Cages

Fairy Tale has free games included in the paytable, but Endorphina have tried to do more than simply giving you a set amount and then leaving you be. They’ve created two symbols that are important to how the extra spins progress: the ornate key and the bird cages. The cages hold the multipliers value, meaning you’ll need to keep obtaining keys if you’re to unlock a bonus greater than x2. However, if you unlock the dove filled cage, the amount changes the multiplier automatically to one of a higher amount.

No Longer a Fairy Tale

Due to the theme at work here, some of you will be less inclined to play, and even those who do want to play, will eventually wish to go elsewhere. When it comes down to where you go next, it’s hard to know whether to stick with what you know or try something new – both have their own merits and downsides.

For these reasons, we’d recommend playing Anubis Secret. This Egyptian themed real cash slot is a dramatic change from the heavens, but it’s not so different that you miss out on the magic. Ancient Egyptian and fairy tale slots actually have a lot of mystery and wonder about their reels, and so while the general design is different, the intrigue it invokes stays the same. If that isn’t enough though, maybe knowing that there’s the same level of variance will be…?

Happily Ever After

Quite the turnout for Fairy Tale here, for the gameplay has stepped up from the likes of 2016 Gladiators and Blast Boom Bang; now gamers have an interactive bonus round. Furthermore, the animated glory of the matrix can’t be praised enough for the beauty it projects out of your screens and into your homes. We commend Endorphina and welcome another playthrough of this 5-reels slot.