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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you’ve played with Endorphina before, you’ve probably become used to a certain type of aesthetic with which to interact; the brand tends to favour contemporary styles. Well now they’ve tried something different on for size, a slot machine that’s a whole lot more classical styled, called Fresh Fruits. Placed inside a basic format, it’s your modern day fruit machine.

Typically when a brand goes out of their comfort zone and into unknown waters, the results can be sketchy. However, when you’re adhering to vintage conventions, there’s not much that can go wrong, though if any mistakes are made, you can guarantee gamers will tell you in abundance. Our initial findings are that Endorphina have done a good job, albeit it a simple one.

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Got a Need for Freshness?

Endorphina has certainly made our jobs easier when it comes to seeking out kindred slot machines, for they’ve made one called More Fresh Fruits. Yes, they’ve actually just stuck a ‘more’ in front of the title and repackaged this slot machine for your convenience. Although we find this lazy, especially considering not much has changed between the first and second installments, it means you have somewhere to immediately go once your time here is done.

The matrix is actually a bit smaller in More Fresh Fruits, while the volatility and variance remain pretty much the same. In case you’re not sure what this means, allow us to clarify: hardly anything has be revamped or altered. Why they felt the need to create another game and turn this into a franchise, we’re not sure, but if you’re curious about it then why not have a go.

Freshly Picked

The selection of fruits you get here are so sumptuous with freshness that you want to dive into your screen and eat them – Endorphina have made a boring theme interesting again. Tangible even, and they’ve done so with a simplistic set of graphics. Instead of changing up all the vintage symbols beyond recognition, the brand have instead given them a bit of a facelift and then sent them on their way.

What this then gives you is a basic interface that is user friendly, looks good, and plays well, attributes that we’ll take any day over 3D high animation slots that deliver absolutely zero stimulation. That being said, there’s no real depth here once you get past the graphics, and so if you do fancy a change of pace, you’ll need to find another game from either this brand or the next.

Hard to Win

Landing any form of win inside this grid is going to be hard going. Endorphina have created a medium to high level of difficulty inside this interface, meaning that forming winning lines turns into a chore rather than fun. They’re not the first brand to do this, but considering how low impact some of their other titles are, we hadn’t anticipated such a change in experience.

The only comment we’ll say further on the matter is this: if you intend to keep on spinning until you win, you’d better have enough funds to do so. The pay-in may only be 40 credits, but the highest valued bet is a whopping 400, which not many of us have nor would we want to give up. That being said, the choice is ultimately yours to do with what you want.

Mouldy Fruit

Our experience with Fresh Fruit isn’t a bad one as such, but neither is it one of positivity, and so we conclude that this is a niche title with little appeal. The fruit machine gaming market is quite large, which means it offers a lot of games similar to this one. If a brand intends to break into that market and take over, they need to be bringing something new to the tablet. Endorphina failed to do that here, at least for us. If we were pushed to give a rating, which we don’t do often, we’d give this title two and a half stars.