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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Take a tour through a majestic landscape with Urartu, the online video slot from Endorphina which showcases a long-forgotten land of biblical times. Historical figures in warrior like garb take centre stage in a game which is quietly impressive and offers. Inscribed, stone tablets and fierce griffins are set against magnificent scenery which includes snow-capped peaks and parched, arid savannahs in a game that isn’t easily overlooked.

A dignified design and subdued colours don’t detract from the instant impression that this slot makes, with promises of an adventure over far away lands. But will you return having conquered all that go before you, or will the enemy reign supreme? Here’s a review of Urartu from Endorphina with all the essential info you need.

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Play to Win

With a commanding design, it’s tempting to get distracted from what you’re there for with the impressive peaks and the biblical landscape. However, if you want to scoop cash prizes, you’ll need to drag your attention back to the reels and prepare to start spinning to win.

The appearance of the gameboard is big and bold, but there are just 10 paylines included, which makes this one of Endorphina’s smaller games. There’s the possibility of playing on even fewer paylines, if that’s your preference, by pressing the “lines” button on the right where the number is displayed. This gives you the opportunity to play on as many of the paylines as you want to, and this can be changed as frequently as you like too. Apart from altering the paylines, you can also opt for the betting level that suits your budget so you don’t end up bankrupting your account straight away! You can begin with just one coin, but increase it right up to 10 coins per line if you have the available credit. This provides a total min bet of 10 and a total max bet of 100.

Battle to Win

As well as the 5 reels and 10 paylines, you can get a helping hand to win with some of the extras that appear. The wild is a fairly standard inclusion on slots and once again is included in this game, similar to many Endorphina titles. As well substituting for other symbols on the reels, the wild doubles any prize in which it plays a part. You’ll also find scatters on the reels too and these don’t need to be along an active payline to count. No matter where they appear on the gameboard, they can be added together to qualify for a prize. If you land three or more scatters you’ll receive 15 free spins which will take place straight away. Any wins you rack up during the free spins will be tripled in value.

For those who like to take a risk, the Gamble is a feature which is available on any regular win. This offers the chance to double your money instantly without spending any more credits, but of course, it’s not as simple as that! If you don’t win you’ll have to forfeit your prize entirely so there’s potentially a big cost to playing this game… If you decide to go ahead you’ll face a single card face up and four further cards which are face down. Your job is to select the card which you think is worth more. Simple but risky, will you dare to play?

Biblical Stories

The name of this game may seem somewhat puzzling but it refers to an ancient region of Armenia which was mentioned in the Bible. And if you enjoyed this cultural theme, there’s a more humorous take on the theme with Noah’s Ark from IGT. Free spins, 30 paylines plus a smart “double up” bonus payout means you could win plenty on this game. Bible Slots from Super Lucky Casino is an enormous game which brings together lots of different bible stories in one. Compatible with both Android and iOS, there’s mini games, bonus features and mega cash wins too.

Epic Play

Urartu from Endorphina offers an epic experience with the dignity and pride of a knight heading off on a crusade. Set in a forgotten land, the symbols are historical yet intriguing and draw the player in without ever being showy or crude. You won’t find a huge amount of bonus features and it’s pretty standard for a game from this developer, but it is an entertaining play and offers a departure from the normal garish designs.