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It’s always an exciting time when a new online casino software provider emerges on the scene. The promise of new games and the potential to breathe some fresh air into your favorite gambling sites gives all players something to look forward to, especially since many find the same games appearing again and again at the casinos available in their countries.


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That’s why we were so interested in the debut games that have been released by a new developer known as Fugaso. While their website says that they have been around since 2001, that’s either a reference to work they’ve done outside of the iGaming sector, or more likely an attempt to build a history that doesn’t exist, as their first titles were just released in early 2017. They’ve also been pretty stingy on information about their location: there’s no reference to a headquarters on their website, though the fact that it is also available in Russian suggests that they are either targeting that market or may in fact be based in Russia itself.

But enough about the company’s past. Fugaso stands for “Future Gaming Solutions,” so let’s see what this provider has to offer and where they may be heading in the days to come, as they try to make a name for themselves on the market.

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First Offering Includes Ten Games

In January of 2017, Fugaso first released their initial batch of slot machines. There are only 10 titles in this initial collection, but that’s been enough for many small developers to start out with in the online casino business.

When you load up a game from this developer, you’ll notice that there is plenty of detail worked into the presentation of each machine. The artwork is absolutely beautiful, among the best we’ve seen in the industry and particularly impressive for such a new name in the industry. Musical and sound cues are well-considered, subtle animations are used to give more life to everything that’s happening on screen, and the interfaces are attractive, slick, and intuitive. Most of all, the graphics are incredibly detailed, holding up to scrutiny even as high resolutions.

The first machine that caught our eye was Magic Destiny, a machine that is all about fantasy and legends come to life. The game itself is set on what looks to be a wooden table, surrounded by artifacts like a dagger, a mysterious map, crystals and gold coins. The reels themselves are overlaid perfectly into the wooden background, with each symbol being represented by a felt octagonal emblem.

As for the game itself, it is set up in a 40-line, 5-reel format, with the goal being to make winning combinations by matching symbols from left to right across the reels. For smaller prizes, calligraphy versions of the card rank symbols that populate so many games these days are used, while fantastic creatures like the Pegasus, a unicorn, griffons and dragons populate the reels, offering up bigger rewards. A wild symbol helps make winning easier (while also potentially offering large prizes), and a scatter can lead you into a free spins round where you’ll get up to 20 free plays.

However, the most innovative aspect at play here is the Super Destiny feature. Each reel has a number of stacked positions that will randomly be turned into one of the game’s symbols, increasing the potential for wins over multiple paylines. During the free spins round, you’ll have an even better chance, as only the high-value symbols and the wilds are eligible for inclusion in the stacks.

Another fun machine that uses a creative theme and a well-crafted presentation is Yakuza. This 20-line game features a traditional Japanese home as a backdrop, with a view of lush scenery appearing through a window. Again, the small touches are notable: there are shadowing figures moving around in the background, a contrast to the serene beauty of much of what appears in the game that really captures the flavor of the Japanese crime syndicates that the game’s name eludes to.

To score wins, players must match three or more symbols in a row, with money, cards, and weapons like swords and guns offering up substantial rewards. A female Yakuza agent is the highest-paying normal icon, while an older gentleman acts as a wild and can also offer the game’s biggest rewards on his own.  Three scatter symbols will earn you entry into a free spins round where you’ll get 10 additional plays, with the wilds now expanding to cover entire reels.

A more family-friendly theme is at play in another Fugaso game known as Carousel. Here, we’re looking at a good old-fashioned carnival, filled with entertaining (and/or creepy) clowns, balloons, snacks, animals and rides galore. In terms of the game itself, it employs a rather unique format: the first and fifth reels have just three positions, the second and fourth have four, and the middle column has five. This combines with an “all ways” payout scheme, meaning that there are 720 potential ways to earn a prize on each spin.

Unlike many of the games from this developer, there is no wild on the reels during normal play. The only special feature is a free spins round that can be triggered if you hit three or more bonus symbols on the same spin. You’ll then receive five free plays, with the potential for retriggering this feature yet again. This is the only occasion on which wilds appear: the clown symbol will not makes its way onto the center reel in a stacked format, making it possible to complete lots of combinations at once.

While there aren’t a whole lot of games here yet, what we’ve seen so far is certainly promising. Each title truly feels unique, and these slots look as good as just about anything else we’ve seen on the market, especially when it comes to options like Magic Destiny that use extremely details art throughout the game. The other titles in this small collection are as follows:

  • Olympia
  • Jewel Sea
  • Sunset
  • Toxicus
  • Sahara’s Dreams
  • Shake It
  • Robbie Jones

Integration Could Lead To Partnerships

Given that they’ve just started creating their own content, it shouldn’t be surprising or concerning that Fugaso hasn’t yet formed any major partnerships. That said, they’ve already started to make efforts in this arena: you can find their games on the Gamescale platform, which is a good start to get these fine products into the hands of players.

It is clear, however, that this company is forward thinking in this area. For one, they’ve already taken steps to ensure that their content is able to be integrated with games designed by a number of leading providers. These include companies such as Novomatic, Microgaming, Betsoft, Amaya, and NetEnt, which should make it easier for the Fugaso titles to find their way into more platforms and sites in the future. The company has also made noise about their own white label solutions that would allow clients to build full casinos using only this software, though it is unclear if such a product is yet available – and given the small game library available at this moment, we’re pretty sure this wouldn’t be the first choice for most prospective operators to start from.

Strong Start, Promising Future

It can be hard to put too much faith in a company that has just started delivering games to clients very recently. However, we do have to say that we like what we’ve seen so far from Fugaso. All of their slots appear to be top-notch in terms of artistic elements and the level of care that went into making them work correctly and be user-friendly, while the gameplay elements are also very solid, often accentuating the themes synergistically.

At the same time, we hope we’ll see more information about this firm come out in the months to come. With little real information available on their company website, we’ve had to speculate a bit here and there in an effort to get a full picture of their business; even their own news releases appear to be only a single sentence long each, giving the bare minimum of detail.

That said, at least for the time being, we expect that you’ll be seeing these games included in large distribution packages on platforms that go out to a wide variety of clients, so you won’t have to make the choice as to whether or not you want to play at a “Fugaso casino.” Instead, think of these slots as an added bonus if they appear anywhere you already play. We’d highly recommend trying them if that is the case – we think many of our readers will find themselves playing these games over and over, and we’ll be anticipating the next batch of titles from this promising new developer.