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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you happen to be playing this slot machine in 2017, you’ll know that the situation is very raw right now when it comes to Donald Trump being President of the United States. Consequently, many of us try and take comfort in any source of entertainment we can get, and that includes real cash slots such as Trump It. As the name suggests, this is about the businessman himself, and his surprise move into one of the highest positions of power.

Created by Fugaso, this is a 3D, high quality and animated set of 5 reels and 15 winlines, making it a compact but comedic game to interact with. Despite having lots of fancy looking graphics, and a memorable aesthetic, the gameplay variance isn’t as substantial as it could have been. This in turn means that the longevity of the slot is compromised, allowing for a short experience rather than a long one.

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Star Spangled

The interface of this slot machine is as memorable as we say because of how over the top American it is. What is more, the caricatures of main election public figures, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, make this game a lighthearted means of relief from the realities of what this presidency is shaping into.

Instead of Lady Liberty looking like a respectable and welcoming woman, she’s be replaced by a curvaceous blonde covered in stars and stripes, revealing most of her figure. If you want to get political about the imagery used, you’ll see that it’s hinting that what the symbol once stood for is now being tainted by such a dramatic change in leadership direction. This is further emphasised by Trump being the wild (clown) of the entire game.

Levelling Up

Betting in slot machines can come in various formats, and in Trump It the range is split into a two sections process: you need to up the level of your stake, and change the value of the coins you place on each winline. You of course, don’t need to do any of these if you want to play with the minimum amount of 0.15 credits, but for those wanting to go big, you’ll need to go up to level 10 and increase coin value to 1 credit.

Even though there’s more involved in this type of betting system, you get to tailor your experience more, which usually means you have better control over your funds. This is ideal for those of you who like keeping a close eye on what’s going in and out of your account. That being said, if you want to ignore financial responsibilities, you can tap the Max Bet and go in full force.

Match Those Faces

As we’ve already mentioned, there are depictions of well known faces upon the grid – and these are your way of getting free spins. You need to match the same faces for that to happen, with between two and five being the ultimate goals, though five will deliver the most amount of spins. Once you’re inside, you’ll experience your standard free games setup, whereby you can trigger more spins when matching the same icons again.

The thing is, while this is all typical, it’s rather boring for such a flashy looking game. There’s so much potential to really push the boat out and have engaging features here, but it seems that Fugaso played it safe. We’re not sure why though, considering they’ve already been controversial by poking fun at the new President…

Top Trumps

Trump It is a game that you can actually learn to love, even given the man it focuses upon because, unlike the man himself, there’s a lot of harmless humour to be found here. The biggest issues it how well received this subject matter will be in several months or even a year’s time. At the moment this is a relevant political issue, but whether it will be later on is another thing entirely.