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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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We’ve often wondered what it would be like to be dropped on a remote island, and apparently, High 5 Games have had the same kind of thoughts. This game takes you on your own primitive adventure, as you play the role of a wildlife photographer who has been sent to such an island by a wealthy nature enthusiast, and he’s more-than-willing to pay you for taking pictures of the island’s flora and fauna. But, meanwhile, in the middle of your tour around the lush jungle and beaches, you happen across two natives who were abandoned there in their childhood. Of course, the wealthy nature enthusiast would be more than happy for you to capture some shots of the natives in their environment, and no doubt he’s going to pay up a lot more for such shots, so you’ll need to ensure that you take only the best images of them, as well as the island’s wildlife creatures. While this all sounds like thoroughly riveting stuff, the game isn’t played in any old way, as it’s cram-packed with high quality graphics and intriguing special feature rounds. And while it does lack somewhat in terms of the generic soundtrack that the developer has added, everything else is very much exceptionally appealing.

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Keep Your Eye on the Lens

You won’t find anything unsettling in the layout of this game, as it provides you with a total of five reels and three rows. Obviously, this is a fairly standard interface for a video slot, and it’s upon these reels that you’ll also find the various different icons of the game. These begin with the regularly used A, J, K, Q and 10 icons of online slots, but the remaining ones are all more closely related to the theme. The first of these are some animal snapshots that you’ve taken – one of a beautiful bald eagle, and the other of a majestic jungle leopard. The remaining two standard icons are images of the island natives, one male and the other female.

Alongside this fairly generic layout and its icons, High 5 Games have also added a total of 40 different bet lines. However, if you do have a preference for customising such features of slot games, you can do this with the up and down arrow buttons at the right of the ‘Lines’ box. Furthermore, you’re able to adjust the amount of the wager that you place per spin, with the same kind of arrows, but these ones are next to the ‘Per Line’ box. This allows a range of between $0.01 and $10 to be chosen from, and therefore, the maximum overall wager that you’re able to bet per spin is $400.

The Eyes of the Island Are Watching You

There are a few specialities included in this game, some of which are quite regular for video slots, and others which are quite frequently incorporated into this developer’s products on the whole. The first of them is its wild symbol, which is the game logo. This will act as a stand in for all other symbols on the reels, with the only exception to this rule being the scatter. If you manage to spin five wild icons on to a winning pay line, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a maximum pay out of 1,000 coins.

Not only that, but there’s something included in this game called the ‘Super Stacks Feature’. At the start of each game, the reels contain stacks of symbols which will transform in to any of the standard low and high paying icons, as well as either the wild or scatter. All stacked symbol positions on a reel will transform into one and the same symbol.

Island Eyes also includes its own freespins round, and this is where the scatter symbol will come in to play. You’ll need to spin this icon into all positions on reels two, three and four, and when you do so, you’ll be rewarded with a total of seven freespins. The scatter itself is represented by an ancient island artefact symbol. Freespins cannot be initiated again during the round.

Be the Photographer of the Century

Taking snapshots of natives in their natural habitat is one thing, but being able to receive a pay out for doing so is quite another. Of course, you don’t actually have to utilise a camera when playing this game, and instead, you’ll simply get to sit back, spin the reels, and be entertained by the theme, story telling and special features included within it.