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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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In size alone, IGT is one of the most prominent online casino software developers in the world today. Rubbing shoulders with the big names on the scene, when IGT decides to release a game, players have a tendency to sit up and take notice. With Cleopatra already being a superstar name within the IGT game catalogue, it only makes sense that they revisit it. Cleopatra Plus is a game that ups the ante on the original, hence the word “plus” in the title.

Cleopatra (along with Ancient Egypt in general) is a commonly touched upon subject within the world of online slots. In fact, you can argue that the subject matter has actually been a little overdone as of late. IGT is attempting to show that there is some life left with the theme, with Cleopatra Plus being a game that impressively revisits a classic.

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From the Far Throes of Ancient Egypt

The original Cleopatra looked fantastic, with Cleopatra Plus arguably looking even better. Every inch of this game appears to be coated with gold, with the production levels being so high that the gleam and glamour of this game can’t be denied. IGT is a developer with major financial backing, and that clearly comes through in Cleopatra Plus. Rolling out another cliché looking game was the easy thing to do, so it’s great to see IGT step up to plate and create something that looks as good as this.

If you think that the all round theme of this game looks the part, wait until you lock eyes on the symbols used. The rush of gold continues, as even the low-value symbols here shine on screen. Moving on to the high-end symbols the game, the scarabs, hieroglyphs, and more simply look stunning. Overall, Cleopatra Plus is one of the best looking real money slot games that we’ve come across in some time.

Ascending to the Throne

When you load up the paytable in Cleopatra Plus you’ll soon seen that this is no ordinary IGT release. What’s implemented is a ‘Level Up’ system, which functions like a charge bar in many ways, so as you move through the levels you can earn more in the game as a result. Through this Cleopatra Plus has an elevated level of gameplay.

Credentials wise, the minimum bet in this medium to high variance game is 40.00, which is no small figure. On the flip side, the maximum bet is a jaw dropping 2000.00. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why this 5-reel, 40-payline game is drawing in high rollers on a large scale.

Rolling in Enviable Riches

The sheer size of this game helps make it what it is, with the bonuses made available in Cleopatra Plus sweetening the pot. Based upon levels and maps, moving through the ranks in this game is adequately explained through the paytable page. Bonus action outside of this comes in the form of the scatter symbol, which is ramped up to the absolute max in this game.

What you’ll find is that by locating 5 scatter symbols on the reels of this game you’ll wrap up a 100x base wager multiplier. On top of this, the “Cleopatra Bonus” in the game dishes out up to 15 free spins, along with a 3x multiplier. Bonus for bonus, Cleopatra Plus is anything but a let down.

Ruling the Kingdom

Within Cleopatra Plus, the hits just keep coming, as in looks the control panel here appears entirely bespoke. Every aspect of it matches the game, which is great to see. Making that much more impressive is its ease of use, as everything is displayed clearly.

To be honest, given the scope of Cleopatra Plus we had concerns that the control system would be equally complex; we were relieved to see that such wasn’t actually the case.

Kicking Things up a Notch in Cleopatra Plus!

IGT simply don’t make below-par real money slot games, as the brand’s track record does tend to speak for itself. Flexing its creative muscle once again, Cleopatra Plus is without any doubt a worthy successor to the already impressive Cleopatra. Taking the original game and boosting it to new heights, with its bonuses, gameplay, and design, we found Cleopatra Plus to be an almost impossible game to fault.

Laying down an entertaining challenge, you would be a fool to pass over Cleopatra Plus without giving its reels a spin!