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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Nordic Heroes is an epic game from IGT in which only the brave will emerge with the spoils of victory and the bragging rights. Keep your bow handy, your sword sharp and your wits about you as you plunge into a world of magic and mayhem.

The protagonist of Nordic Heroes is predictably fair of skin and blonde of hair, an ancient warrior type who looks comfortable with stalking his prey through the dense forests of Scandinavia, be they bird or beast. Your character is named Thora, and with the ability to level him up as the game progresses, Nordic Heroes has something of a Warcraft feel to it. This might be a humble video slot, but it’s one modelled on the best MMORPGs. Graphically, the game looks lush, with fierce beasts, birds of prey, flaming arrows, luminous toadstools and all kinds of other talismans and tinctures.

A series of padlocks down the left hand side of the screen hints at the levels that can be reached as your character advances. You might be here primarily in search of jackpot wins, but along the way you’ll enjoy the satisfaction that comes from seeing your character grow in strength and stature. You’ll start off by default at Level 1 as a Wanderer, before steadily ascending the rankings until you’re a warrior of some renown. New characters and new realms await the further you venture into this multi-faceted game.

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Plenty Going On

There’s a lot to take in with Nordic Heroes. Developers IGT haven’t let a pixel of screen space go to waste. The 5×3 grid displaying the reels accounts for the bulk of the display space, but there’s space in the top left for your character’s name – Thora – and current status to be displayed, while in the top right you can see your location, which starts in Forest of Fortune. Across the bottom of the screen you’ll find the main playing controls. The game’s 30 paylines can’t be toggled on or off, but it’s possible to adjust the line bet from 1 to 100, making for a maximum possible bet of 3,000.

If you wanna bet big in Nordic Heroes, you can bet really big. A spanner icon on the far left of the screen allows for the graphics quality to be adjusted. One button that’s noticeably missing from controls is autospin. In Nordic Heroes, you gotta go it alone. That’s not a bad thing though: this game is so lush and detailed, you really don’t wanna miss a thing. Spin the reels and get ready to earn some serious XP as you wander deeper into the Forest of Fortune.

Plenty of Character

There’s a lot going on in Nordic Heroes. Like, a whole lot. The character element of the game alone is one that can keep you hooked and playing for days as you seek to gain the necessary XP to level up and unlock more parts of the game.

After starting off as a Wanderer, you’ll advance to become Traveler, Explorer, Adventurer, Defender, Slayer, Hero and finally Champion. The higher the level you attain, the higher the rewards you’ll receive. And how does your character go about earning that valuable XP? Why, by slaying monsters in the Battle Bonus.

Monster Fights

Defeating monsters is the only way to progress in Nordic Heroes. Thora, your starting character, has two monsters to battle and so does Ragnar, the secondary character you can unlock.

At the start of the game, your weapon is just an arrow, whose damage is rated at 1, and a falcon, whose damage stands at 2. By the time you’ve become a Traveler, 600 XP later, you’ll have collected fast feet that can evade damage.

Then, 2,000 XP into the game, you’ll become an Explorer, unlocking Ragnar and obtaining a hammer and a wolf as your attack weapons to boot. At this stage, it’s possible to click on the character’s avatar to select between the game’s two protagonists.

Amidst all the character advancement, don’t forget about the primary playing symbols that will help you notch up wins. Five wilds are worth 1,500, while 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the Battle Bonus.

Nordic Heroes Is a Winner

Nordic Heroes is a fascinating game that has so many levels and layers to it. IGT have surpassed themselves in this scintillating game that’s much more than just a 5-reel video slot.