Siberian Storm Dual Play Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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IGT in the eyes of many is one of the biggest online casino software developers in the world today, largely as they really tend to deliver big ideas through every game they create.

Siberian Storm Dual Play is one of those games that really does summarise what IGT stands for as a developer, as it prioritises the sheer importance of both originality and creativity. Featuring a dual 3-4-5-4-3 reel setup and a simply staggering 2,880 ways to win, there is no denying, that at least in premise that Siberian Storm Dual Play has a huge amount going for it.

If there were any complaint to be had against IGT it would be that sometimes that the developer’s decision making isn’t always on point. In our eyes Siberian Storm Dual Play is a real money slots game that puts this way of thinking to bed, as IGT has come up big here!

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Spread Across the Snowy Plains

There is simply no way to escape just how great Siberian Storm Dual Play looks, as the graphical investment here is simply phenomenal. From the moment the game loads up you are greeted by a mythical looking snow tiger, which tells the story of what the game is all about. The reels are set amidst what appears to be an icy forest, with the detail used really being on another level.

Carrying on the impressive production values, the symbols within the Siberian Storm Dual Play are also clearly well crafted. For us, the tiger’s eye is a clear highlight, as it’s hard no to be fixated on it as the reels spin round and round.

While there are certainly some great looking online slot games around at the moment, there is no denying that what IGT have put forward with Siberian Strom Dual Play is the pick of the bunch.

Doubling up on the Action

Siberian Storm actually started life as a land-based real money slots game, with it earning a reputation for high-energy play. This successfully carries over into the online domain, as the potential 2,880 ways to win to win ensure that the level of action here is relentless.

The jackpot here is huge too, so with the 150.00 minimum bet and 750.00 maximum bet in effect, in our eyes it’s certainly worth playing for.

Bark at the Moon

Technically speaking, Siberian Storm Dual Play is a high variance game, much like the original, so much like the original, what this game is able present is a challenge. What actually makes this game a little easier for players to get to grips with is its bonus features.

Leading the way (on top of the obvious MultiWay Xtra and Dual Play features) are the stacked wilds, which in a game like this really do carry plenty of weight. The wild symbol certainly isn’t hard to miss either, as it’s the only symbol in the game that carries the word “WILD” with in it. What you’ll find is that by stacking up the wilds in this game the big wins become much easier to come by.

How does a round or two of free spins grab you? Well, that’s exactly what Siberian Storm Dual Play is able to deliver. Through the bonus symbol on the reels you’re able to enter a free spins bonus round, which will allow you to grab up to 480 free spins. Bringing some seriously sized bonus action, Siberian Storm Dual Play is a game that clearly has plenty to offer.

Commanding the Pack

In both size and scope, Siberian Storm Dual Play is nothing short of huge. So, it certainly is great to see that there is an appropriate control system in place. Everything is pushed to the right of the screen, with the buttons laid out clearly and the spin button being emblazed with gold.

Siberian Storm Dual Play Delivers Big-Time Action!

The original version of Siberian Storm really was something special, so it’s only right to expect its ramped up sequel to be out of this world. This is certainly the case with Siberian Storm Dual Play, as the game is an absolute powerhouse of slots action throughout. Through the dual reels approach to the lofty selection of bonus features, it’s hard to argue against just how good this game.

Out hats are off to IGT, as with Siberian Storm Dual Play they have given us yet another easy game to recommend!