Star Lanterns Megajackpots Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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IGT is widely recognised as being a brand that delivers innovative and quirky real cash slots, a fact many veteran gamers will be aware of. However, if you’re not familiar with the company, then you may find Star Lanterns Megajackpots quite overwhelming in its refreshing and modern approach.

Not only do you have a stunning set of aesthetics to take in and engage with, but you have a wide array of special features, all of which seem obtainable during a standard playthrough. Free games, multipliers and that Mega Jackpots payout all go a long way in trying to make this one of the best (if not the best) game from the brand thus far.

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Good Fortune to All

Star Lanterns Megajackpots not only has a design based on good fortunes, with a clear oriental edge, but a matrix designed to instill as many wins to you as possible. You could say that all slots are meant to have this built-in, but so few seem to actual give something back, but here you feel the rewards come pouring in.

Part of the reason for this is due to the floating reels. This doesn’t merely refer to how the symbols appear to hang in mid-air, but to the manner in which they seek out winning combos.

On a conventional set of 5 reels, once a win is made, will change all symbols for a new set, but with floating reels only the winning tiles are removed and changed, which can lead to many more victories. This can keep happening until no more wins are made. We love the feature, and feel it should be utilised in many more online games.

A Star Is Born

The glowing star symbol isn’t just a beacon of light, but a bringer of coin, in the form of multipliers and the Mega Jackpot. When a single star illuminates the reels, it can be turned over to reveal a jackpot logo, which will then be added to the tally bar seen above the grid; once full, the payout will be yours. However, it can also be spun round to reveal a multiplier of various worth. During our very first spin we saw a x3 multiplier added to our total, resulting in a hugely rewarding initial punt.

In addition to awarding single multipliers, should two stars be part of a winning combination, their totals will be combined to create an uber win, gifting even more good cheer to your account. A trait that withstands both the base and free spin rounds.

Blooming Lotus

The lotus icon of the paytable is the bonus symbol, though in truth it activates the free games rather than a unique and separate feature. No matter, for there’s a pick me style round prior to the waves that help this symbol feel grander than what it actually is.

Just before the round begins, you’ll need to select one of the three lanterns in order to determine how many extras you’ll be given. An unnecessary but beautiful way of furthering the theme of the title so that encompasses every aspect of the matrix. Sadly however, the illusion of generosity is shattered when you discover that further spins can’t be retriggered, which seems out of character given how accommodating the game has been up until this point.

High Roller Alert

The betting threshold of Star Lanterns Megajackpots needs to be explored further, for although the range you’re able to play with is broad, the top amount is only accessible to those who have a disposal income. And quite a bit of it: it’s 1,000 credits, and that does translate into your currency. All’s not lost though, for your financial input doesn’t seem to alter the payouts of the paytable, meaning that going big isn’t a must in order to get the juicy returns.

Lighting Our Way to Victory

IGT have outdone themselves with Star Lanterns Megajackpots. Aside from a few flaws, which every slot machine is bound to have, this is a grade-A casino game with a lot of personality. We could spend hours playing this, even when knowing every trick hidden along the reels and their winlines.

If that doesn’t assure you of a good time and exceptional quality, we’re not sure what will.