Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Wheel of Fortune On Tour is an exciting 5-reel video slot from IGT, the makers of previous Wheel of Fortune titles like Triple Extreme Spin. Having experienced other activities within this ‘franchise’, we were apprehensive about playing this one, but we shouldn’t have been because it’s an exceptional game.

Bursting with innovation and numerous features, this is a tour that never gets old; wins can come from every corner of the grid with its 30 winlines, and that’s just the beginning. Instead of one bonus, or even two, there’s approximately four in total. That’s a huge amount of variance for a real cash slot, respected brand or not.

We’re settled into our seats and strapped in, so let’s get this show on the road and start seeing those landmarks and, more importantly, making that money.

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The theme of the grid is cheesy with it’s over the top sound effects and glitter coated design, but seeing as this is a slot inspired by various game shows, it works well in creating a charged atmosphere. What is more, the execution of the graphics is sublime – every image has been well thought out and created so that it brings the landmarks depicted to life, and even the less impressive symbols have their own unique charm.

Even though the screen is made to look like a dashboard of a car, the overall effect doesn’t feel overwhelming; there’s a lot of imagery at play here, but all elements complement each other rather than overpower. It’s not an easy feat to achieve, but IGT have done it well.

Stopping for Fuel

The intro clip to the game explains most of the features in detail, but how could we play Wheel of Fortune on Tour and not talk about the fuel tank? It’s one of the most innovative characteristics we’ve seen in a real cash slot.

When playing any sort of casino based game, the bonus symbols normally go to waste unless they’re part of a winning combination, but here they’re used to keep this tour moving. Every time a bonus icon appears, fuel will be added to the tank, the gauge slowly filling up. What this means is that, should you trigger the Bonus Wheel, you’ll have more gas in your tank to move about the board before the round ends.

Bonus Wheel

As we’ve already touched upon, the Bonus Wheel is the main feature of the game, however should you move about the board game style level, the wedges on the wheel will be replaced to open up other exciting features. Most notably the Spin to Win Bonus and the Letter Board Bonus.

  • Spin to Win: When this round begins you’ll need to select a letter to indicate the highest amount available in this round; as stated in the game, that win can be worth between 1,500 to 20,000 credits. Then you’ll spin the wheel and decide whether you accept or deny the amount awarded to you, though if you should strike it lucky and get the maximum amount, you’ll automatically receive it.
  • Letter Board: This round is similar in the sense that you select letters to reveal prizes, however instead of just choosing one letter you pick several, some of which offer money and others that deliver multipliers. What is more, you won’t get rewards larger than 500 credits, which is a lot lower than the above mini level.

Wheels on Fire

There’s so much to this slot machine that it’s hard to cram it all in, let alone do the dynamics of the game justice, and so we have to try and summarise a jam packed game in a few sentences.

Wheel of Fortune on Tour is one of the best titles to be released from IGT; it has charm, sophisticated features, and many ways of keeping you entertained that go beyond cash prizes. The pay-in isn’t as cheap as some titles, but when you consider the amount of diversity you’re getting, the cost of 50 credits seems more than acceptable.