iPad Slots

The iPad was a revolutionary product when it was released in 2010 and it has quickly become a part of everyday culture. It is a portable camera, media player and web browser wrapped into one, and crucially it has that large screen size which sets it apart from mobile devices. It’s perfect for playing slots and combines the intuitive touchscreen with engaging gameplay. We’ve got all you need to know about iPad slots games right here.

We love playing slots on our iPads, and we’ve been reviewing as many iPad slots sites\apps as we can get our hands on, to give you our hot list of the top five slots sites:

Are iPads Behind?

The world of mobile technology moves at a rapid pace, and iPad compatible casinos and slots apps are coming to the market all the time, but it’s true that for a long time slots were restricted on Apple devices. This was partly due to the company’s longstanding corporate policy of not allowing their devices to be used for real-time gambling software. Nor do Apple devices support flash player, so instant games on the best casino websites were also unavailable. The emergence of HTML5 has meant that some casinos offer users in-browser play options. Soon we expect that most online casinos will offer HTML5 games so that users can play on any Apple device and negate any Flash restrictions.

When you search on the App Store or iTunes you will find that there’s a proliferation of free iPad slots, but you may have to look a little closer to find the real money apps. However, the best way of accessing these is to go directly to the casino website, where you should find a link and instructions for playing on iPad at their site. This will be either by App or instant play using their HTML5 site. There are still plenty of reputable and reliable slots sites to choose from, and if you want to play real money iPad slots, each of our casino reviews review the iPad experience and compatibility.

Playing Free Games

The good thing about Apple’s open source development is that anyone can design a game for the iPad and iPhone, and there are literally hundreds of slots apps that you can download on your device and start playing within seconds. These can be great fun to play as stand-alone games and most follow a similar path to other iPad games where you can make in-app purchases along the way. Make sure you understand though, that you can’t win real money with these apps and they are for entertainment purposes only.

If you want to play iPad slots for free without making a commitment to deposit funds, most casino apps and slots apps allow you to download the software and use play money to familiarise yourself with the games and the user interface. This is a great way to perfect your understanding of a game before risking any real cash.

Playing Real Money Slots

Our review process covers promotions, offers and bonuses, so if you’re ready to start playing for real money, check the site for the best current bonuses that suits your style. We keep track of the offers each casino gives to new customers, and if you’re going to sign up somewhere you should get the best value for your money. Most casinos offer a sign-up bonus to new customers whereby you will receive a certain number of free spins or the amount of your deposit will be matched in cash.

iPad vs Other Devices

The iPad trumps a lot of other devices for usability, speed and graphics, and it is still one of the very best devices on the market. Other tablets based on Android technology are not far behind though, if at all, and the gap is certainly much smaller than it ever has been. The downside to iPads is that there are less slots apps available (although this is changing all the time), and that they don’t support flash player to run instant slots on casino websites. However, if you are an iPad user, you’ll know just how good the machines are, and they are still top of the pile for handheld devices. The responsive touchscreen provides intuitive gameplay, and the large screen makes for an engaging experience. The tablets also very rarely crash or suffer from lag, which is essential for real-time gaming.

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