iPhone Slots

Apple’s iPhone set the benchmark for mobile phones and the technology continues to improve year on year. Although Android devices have imitated the app-based set-up, most iPhone users will still tell you that they are some way behind the iPhone for speed, processing power, and user interface. Although there have previously been issues with accessing online slots on the iPhone, those problems are a thing of the past, and we’ll take you through your options and explain how to download and play iPhone slots on your device.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is to find and download a suitable app. Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as just visiting the App Store and hitting ‘download’. You’ll need to assess the casino, the app itself, and the type of game to decide whether it’s safe and if it’s the right game for you. To assist you, we’ve reviewed and recommended our top five iPhone Slots here:

How to Play iPhone Slots

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to playing online or mobile slots then don’t worry, this section is for you. We’ve got a simple step-by-step guide to playing on your iPhone. In truth, slots games are very similar to most other iPhone games and apps. If you’ve ever downloaded and used an app (and let’s face it if you’ve got an iPhone you will have done so!) then you’re already most of the way there. Remember that there are free-to-play and real money apps, and these do work differently. We’ll go into more detail about both further down this page, but when you play real money iPhone slots there are a few things to look out for. When you download a casino or slots app its worth checking reviews to make sure you’re playing with a reputable casino. We have sections on this site dedicated to reviewing slots and gaming providers, so make sure you check them out.

You can simply download a casino app from the App Store, and play the majority of slots for free with ‘free’ credits. This is a great way to test games before you sign up and deposit your own money. When you’re ready to stake real cash, you’ll need to register with the casino and deposit money to start playing. Remember that most casinos offer a welcome bonus and some iPhone slots offer a no deposit bonus when you sign up, check out our offers and bonuses section to find the latest and best deals.

Free to Play Apps

The beauty of the iPhone and iPad open source development system is that just about anyone can develop an app for the platform. This means that the App Store is filled with a wide range of slots games, and many are completely free to play. There are two main types of free iPhone slots. Some free to play slots follow a similar format to other smartphone games, where you can progress through levels or different machines, and can make in-app purchases along the way. These slots can be great fun, but remember that you can’t win any real money with these games.

The other way to play for free is to download casino and slots apps, and ‘try before you buy’. The vast majority of slots allow you to play for free without signing up or providing any personal details. Again, this will just be for ‘play money’, but it’s a great way of checking out the games and the casino software before you start with your own money.

Real Money Games

If you’ve tried various free games and you’re ready to sign-up to a casino and start playing for real cash, be sure to check out our review section to make certain that the casino is reliable and trustworthy. There’s a lot of ‘information’ online about iPhone slots hacks and iPhone slots cheats, but it’s not something we condone and we have severe doubts about the validity of such ‘information’. We prefer to support integrity in the industry and work towards providing our users with useful, verifiable information so you can make educated choices about where to play. Free play is great, but if you’re after some serious money and if you want to unlock all game options, then real money games are the way to go.

When you sign up to a casino you will be required to provide personal details and most likely proof of age. If you are accessing real money iPhone slots in the USA, you might come across one or two difficulties depending on your location, but more on that later. Online and Mobile slots are in a competitive marketplace, and operators offer a glut of promotions and special offers to new customers. Whenever you think about signing up to a new or different casino, make sure you have a look at our bonus pages first. We keep a regular check on the best offers and promo deals out there, and bring the very best of them to you via this site.

Compatible Slots

We mentioned that some USA customers might have difficulty accessing online slots on iPhone, and this is in part due to Apple’s policy in some states that their device should not be used for real-time gambling apps. Gambling laws in some states have also restricted the US market, and you should always check the relevant regulations in your particular location.

In general though, iPhone slots are not too difficult to come by. Many casino operators have developed slots for their own websites that run in a web-browser on the iPhone, so that those in areas where gambling apps are prohibited can still play online via their device. iPhone’s web browser, Safari, has also never supported flash player (which some casino sites use to run their in-browser slots), but it is now possible to download apps such as Virtual Chrome which allow you to access websites that use flash player on your iPhone. All in all, this means that the compatibility issues that some iPhone users may have experienced before are well and truly in the past, and there is now a wide range of choice among iPhone slots.

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