Real-Money Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealer casino games let gamblers play table games online but against human croupiers. Bets are made in the same way to a traditional online casino game but all the action is handled by a real-life dealer set up in a studio or bricks ‘n mortar casino. Live Casino action is great if you live miles from a casino, or you want a little human contact when you gamble on the internet roulette and blackjack tables. You can even chat in real time to the dealers as you gamble!

Check out our top gambling sites at MrGamez. Most leading casinos online boast a Live Dealer offering. You can bet on baccarat, blackjack or roulette and watch as the real cards are dealt or real roulette wheel is spun.


A Guide To Live Casino Gambling

Live Dealer games work by letting you bet on real-life roulette wheels or the deal of actual blackjack cards. The action is performed by a friendly human dealer standing in a studio or casino setting. A webcam transmits the action to your machine, and any winnings are paid out in real time. There’s no need to fight for a seat as the action happens when you choose. Most slots developers have their own Live Casino software and own set of unique croupiers. Some have added elements like cameras fixed to the roulette wheel. Other Live Dealer games give you a choice of camera angle before you play.

  • Placing Bets/Receiving Winnings: When you load up a Live Dealer game, the croupier will welcome you to the table. You may end up joining the table mid-game, but you are free to wait until the round is over before joining the action. Placing bets is done in the same way as an online game. Drag chips to the area of the table you want to bet on. The dealer will see that you are in the game and – if you are in a card game – deal real-life cards to your ‘spot’. Any winning bets are paid by the computer after the game is over. No physical chips will be utilised by the dealer.
  • Blackjack/Baccarat: Casino card games like blackjack and Casino Hold’em can be played with Live Dealers. The dealer will use real cards, shuffled in a regulated shoe, to play the game with. These special cards are fitted with microchips or barcodes that are scanned as they are dealt from the shoe. That way, the computer knows what cards every player has. The game proceeds, with the dealer following the action on-screen. Busted hands are removed, and any player wanting a ‘hit’ in blackjack will receive another card. Once the round is over, the dealer removes all the cards and re-deals once all players have placed their bets.
  • Roulette: In Live Casino Roulette, players place bets on the spin of a wheel. The croupier uses a real wheel with a real ball. If you love the excitement of roulette in your local casino, this is for you. When you visit the Live Roulette game, you will see a digital roulette table layout on-screen. This is used to place your bets. Simply drag your chips to the areas or numbers you want to bet on. Once the dealer announces ‘No More Bets’ the computer will freeze out the betting and it’s time to watch the wheel spin. Some variants have a camera positioned on or near the wheel so you can watch the ball come to a stop. As the dealer places their special dolly on the winning number, the computer picks it up and pays out all winners. It’s then time for the next game. No actual chips are moved around by the dealer during a game.

Speaking To Dealers In Real Time

A Live Dealer casino is made or broken on the quality of its dealers. Good sites will have friendly and helpful croupiers who interact with players during games. On the screen you’ll find a chatbox you can use to talk to the dealer. Type in a question and the dealer will read it from their screen. You can ask advice on betting or finding your way round the casino. You can even pick their brains for some simple betting strategy.

Working Off Live Casino Bonuses Online

Live Casino games are available for real money at most internet casinos in 2016. The range of variants can differ, but you may be restricted to just European Roulette and a single version of blackjack.  It’s also worth noting that the games run a little slower than traditional online games. After all, you’re waiting on a human croupier to move the action along. And in many online casinos, Live Dealer games may have higher minimum betting limits than the usual games.

If you want to find a welcome bonus for your Live Casino play, always check the Terms and Conditions first. Some casinos allow Live Dealer play to contribute towards a deposit bonus. However, many don’t and even if they do the eligibility may only be half that of normal table games. For online casino fans, Live Dealer games are great for recreating that bricks ‘n mortar feel. Whatever your stake, you’ll find roulette, blackjack and baccarat on the net right now.

Land-based vs Online vs Live

Everything you need to know about live casino games

If you want to find the best live casinos, you’re in the right place.  Our casino experts have played at hundreds of live gambling establishments from all around the world. They’ve checked the bonus offers, tested the slots, and got a feel for the best live betting sites that are available today.

Online casinos can end up neglected after a while, so it’s important to read reviews that are up-to-date. One thing that doesn’t go out of date is the story behind each casino game. That’s why we also provide extensive guides on the history of live casino games. They’ll give you a thorough understanding of the interesting stories behind games like roulette, blackjack and craps.

Or, if you’d prefer to learn about the strategy for live casino games, you can check out our introduction to each game. These are fantastic sources of information that include game variants, optimum betting strategies and everything you need to walk into the casino with the confidence of George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven.

Live vs land-based casino games

Just because two betting sites offer a game with the same name, it doesn’t mean they’re offering the same experience.. This is especially true when you compare live and land-based casino games. For the record, they are not the same thing. But it’s easy to see where the confusion begins.

Land-based casino games are your typical live dealer games, played with real people in a real-life, brick-and-mortar casino, at a real table. You have to physically go to the establishment to enjoy these games, and it’s what most people consider the real casino experience.

Live casino games do feature real people, but players can take part from the comfort of their homes. A live dealer plays out the table game of your choice and live cameras show all the action in real-time. Players place bets online and can even speak to the dealer and the other bettors at the table, usually through an instant message chat box.

Things get even more confusing when some sites offer both at the same time. These days, players might be confused as to whether a ‘live casino’ table is a robotic table, a live stream from a land-based casino, or just an advert for you to head down to the casino.

Is live casino poker the same as live poker?

Poker is one of the most famous games that can be played in a casino. Gamblers all around the world are very passionate about it, too. But what some players don’t realise is that there is a massive difference between live poker and casino poker.

Live poker is the game most people think of when they hear the word ‘poker’, which refers to two main types, cash games and tournaments. Cash games are played with real money, with each bet consisting of actual funds and players can come or go as they please.

Tournaments are a little different. There can be as few as just two players, or as many as tens of thousands. Each player pays a fixed buy-in and all receive an equal stack of chips. The tournament plays down until one player is left standing to be crowned the champion and wins the majority of the prize pool.

Texas Hold’em is the most common game variant, and also the easiest to pick up. But there are plenty of other types of poker including Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, Razz and H.O.R.S.E. It can be played live at a casino or online. Unlike most casino games, there is no house edge as the players are pit against each other and ultimately one or more players will be profitable.

Live casino poker is very different. Firstly, players are no longer taking on one another. Instead the game is played against the casino, and more importantly, a lot of the game theory and psychology that is so integral to live poker is not relevant here. It would be untrue to say the games are completely different, though. In fact, this variation of the game was created by a live poker player to teach his friend how to play.

Getting started at a live casino

There are all types of casinos out there. Online casinos, land-based casinos, live online casinos – you name it, they’ve come up with it. But where do you begin?

Finding a betting site is easy enough. You can check out hundreds of casino reviews right here. Signing up is a doddle too. You’ll usually be offered a huge welcome bonus and walked through the process from the splash page onwards.

If you enjoy live online games, like live dealer roulette or Dream Catcher, you might need to be a little more specific when searching as you’ll find all sorts of titles, including player favourites such as Immersive, High Roller or Double Ball Roulette. Whatever game tickles your fancy, check out the game review on our site for a list of the best places to play and the bonuses that come with it when you register.

If you want to sign up to a live casino, the process will differ depending on where you go. For most professional casinos, you’ll need a form of ID such as a passport or driver’s license. If you don’t want to receive any post from the operator, be sure to make that clear when registering.

Perhaps you want a break from playing online and feel like mingling with your fellow gamers in a real casino. You’ll also need some form of ID to become a member. Most casinos will take a photo of you on arrival which they’ll use to identify you in the future. Even players who just want to walk around the casino without playing will need to sign up.

To save some time, you may be able to register with the casino online. This will make things faster when you arrive. It’s a good idea if you’re playing a game or tournament that begins at a certain time, or you know there’ll be a big queue. For instance, if you’re playing a huge poker tournament which has received a lot of publicity.

Where to play live poker

For some players, there’s simply no substitute for being at the green felt in person. The anticipation as the room begins to fill with people taking their seats. Eager gamers peering across the floor trying to scope out the fish. The rustling of chips as seasoned pros begin to demonstrate their tricks.

And then the game begins.

If you want to play live poker in real life, there are several sources you can use to find all the latest cash games and tournaments. London is home to many casinos and pubs that regularly host poker tournaments and cash games. PokerStars has a residence at the famous Hippodrome Casino. They’ve recently taken up a new tournament strategy which means they have many more affordable tournaments, alongside some high roller specials.

Aspers Casino offers a full schedule a month or two in advance. The poker room at Grosvenor Casino is separate from the main floor and they host tournaments with hundreds of runners on a regular basis, throughout the week as well as at weekends. And it’s a similar story at .

One of the great things about live poker is the community aspect. To make the most of this, many pubs offer ad hoc games. Some even host ongoing tournament leaderboards. You can join a live pub poker league at Champions Poker. Or, for something closer to home, some websites help facilitate local meetups.

Interview with a live casino dealer

Ever wondered what it’s like to go behind the scenes at a live casino? Or wonder how they keep their energy up for the fast-paced live gaming? We decided to find out for ourselves as we sat down for an interview with a live casino dealer who lives and works in Malta.

So, tell me how you got started as a dealer. And how it progressed to being a live casino dealer.

I’d previously got a taste of working at a casino on a cruise ship. When I saw the vacancy to join a live casino in Malta, it seemed like a good opportunity.What sort of training did you get?

Could a complete beginner work as a dealer?

Yes, a complete beginner could get the job. You just need some basic training and you’re good to go.

Are there any big differences between a land-based dealer versus being a live casino dealer? 

When you work in a land-based casino you have to be skilled at mental maths, know how to speak to customers and handle chips. When you’re a live dealer you just need to look good, act friendly and watch a screen all day.

How do you stay focused on the job? 

It’s different for each person. Some live dealers love chatting to the players, others switch onto autopilot.

How long does it take you to get ready before you go ‘live’? Do you have a make-up artist?

It doesn’t take me any longer than it would for a regular night out. I might use a bit of make-up, but it’s not quite glamorous enough for a make-up artist just yet.

What are the hours like? Pretty unsociable, I guess? 

It’s a 24-hour business. I always count myself lucky when I get the morning shifts, which can be quiet. But others prefer night shifts and party on their days off. There’s always plenty of partying going on with a group of young, outgoing dealers.

Do you enjoy the player chat? Or have you ever been tempted to tell someone to get lost?

I enjoy it overall. You get some bad eggs, but there are ways of subtly curbing their behaviour without having to tell them to get lost.

Any memorable usernames where you instantly regretted saying them? 

Most of us have ended up there at some point. There are quite a few gaffs on YouTube. P. Ness was the one that went fairly viral a while ago…

What’s your favourite game to deal?
Blackjack. It’s played at a good pace and you get some nice people involved.

What’s your least favourite game to deal? 

Roulette. There’s so much action all over the place that you need to constantly be on high alert to keep up.

What’s the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you, or that you’ve seen happen to someone else? 

I’ve actually seen people fall asleep at the tables during quiet periods. You can see it happening on some YouTube videos.

What’s the best thing about being a live casino dealer? 

The lifestyle. I love living here in Malta.

And the worst thing about being a live casino dealer? 

I guess it can become quite repetitive sometimes, especially if it’s been a long week.

Finally, I bet you get hit on by a lot of players. Are you allowed to socialise with players, and have you ever done so? 

I couldn’t possibly comment on that… But yes, there are rumours. And you definitely get to know some people really well if they’re at your table daily for months on end. That can open up all kinds of interesting conversations.

Cheating the casinos

We don’t condone cheating in any way…but the odd casino scandal makes for a good read, doesn’t it? Here are a handful of controversial casino moments. Were they cheating? You decide…

Phil Ivey lives life on the edge

‘Edge counting’ is a sticky term for not quite cheating, but not quite not cheating. Phil Ivey used this method to pick up a cool £7.7m at a London casino back in 2012. The game of choice was baccarat. The dealer was more than happy to indulge Ivey and his accomplice in spinning the cards around, supposedly for good luck. In reality, Ivey had noticed subtleties in the cards’ design which allowed him to have a better idea of what card would come out next. At the time, he walked away £7.7m up – but the casinos have since clawed it back through painstaking court cases.

Keith Taft counts his blessings

Bringing a computer to a blackjack table these days to count cards would be ludicrous. But before technology was so advanced, one man saw its potential on the casino floor. Computer whiz, Keith Taft, whipped up a home computer that strapped around his belt and went down into his shoes to count cards with a binary style tape. With no rules in place to stop such actions he got away with it for years. Remarkably that didn’t stop him losing in his early days.

Richard Markus hides the truth

Past-posting is a common technique that can land gamblers in a whole lot of trouble in a short space of time. Richard Markus spun this on its head and removed his losing bets. His technique involved placing a lower denomination chip on top of a much larger one, to hide it. If he won, he would celebrate in style as the dealer revealed the larger chip. If he lost, he would pick up the chips to toss them to the dealer – illegally – whilst subtly switching the high-value chip for a low one. To compensate for the constant touching of chips he would act drunk. He was never caught, but revealed all in a book. He called his technique the ‘Savannah’.

And these are just the tricks and swindles we know about. It’s a lot harder to cheat from the chat box on your screen when you’re playing live casino games.

The allure of this genre of games is they give players the best of both worlds, offering the feel, atmosphere and interactions of a real-life casino without having to walk out of the house. And should you decide to take your gaming elsewhere, there’s nothing stopping you – as long as you have a stable internet connection. Players can get in on the wagering action whenever, wherever.

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