Badlands Bounty Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Head to the wild west in the Badlands Bounty slot game, where Sean, Jack and Pedro are waiting to take you on a journey of theft and bounty-hunting. No experience required, just follow the three characters on their voyage to uncover the biggest loot of all – the 500.00 non-progressive jackpot that sits on the shoulders of Sean.

Read the wanted posters, accustom yourself with the various weapons and try not to trigger those explosives because you may end up losing everything. In the world of criminality, the sheriff is the last person you would think to give rewards – but spin in his badge and you unlock the potential to win up to a 5x multiplier to your current winnings.

Are you read to jump on your horse and travel across the hot sandy paths to find the biggest fortune of all? Of course you are.

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Spears and Pistols

The design and theme that Badlands Bounty slot game features would make Clint Eastwood (angel eyes) himself proud. This slot machine has a touch of ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ about it with angel eyes ‘Sean’ offering the biggest prize of all. In the popular movie, angel eyes travels around the west looking to shoot down his accomplice – The Ugly (Eli Wallach) to collect all of the bounty whilst The Bad (Lee Van Cleef) is hot on his heels.

With the reels of this game, they are based in a canyon with hot sands flowing beneath the reels. The reels are carved in stone with the paylines highlight in blue, red and green to show where the wins can fall on the reels.

Symbols that you will find on those reels include; Sean, Pedro the Mexican, Jack, pistol with cash, bullets, sheriff badge, card values 10, J, Q, K and A as well as multiplier values x1, x2, x3, x4 and x5.

Shooting Stats

Technically speaking, Badlands Bounty is a 3 reel and 3 payline slot machine – but there are four reels that make up this game. Reels 1, 2 and 3 are your standard reels with the 4th reel being a bonus reel. The set of three reels are separated to the fourth reel by golden bullets. Play the game from as little as 0.10 a spin up to a maximum of 10.00.

The highest paying symbol is Sean and he awards the non-progressive jackpot of 500.00 – which for a 10.00 stake is a brilliant return. Pedro and Jack both award 200.00 with the pistol with cash and bullets both offering 100.00. A and K offer 50.00 with all other symbols awarding 20.00.

What Features to Expect

Badlands Bounty is based on a classic slot machine but with a modern twist, so the only feature that this slot game offers is the multiplier feature. The fourth reel only features multipliers ranging from 1x to a maximum of 5x and a sheriff badge – this is what makes up this feature. When you spin a win on the normal set of reels, it will have a multiplier attached to that win as shown in the bonus reel.

Should you spin in the golden serif badge on the bonus reel with a mixture of Sean, Pedro and Jack on the reels – the characters will turn into wanted posters and the cash awarded will be your rearward for catching the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

Worth a Shot?

Merkur have created a slot game that they have not created before with this titles, because usual slot releases include 5 reels with basic features ranging from wilds to free spins. But this slot game is a superb addition and whilst it seems it offers limited features, the bonus reel is what makes this game interesting.

The maximum stakes of 10.00 can return a healthy 500.00 but the big wins come from the multiplier values sitting on that fourth reel.

Look out for all three characters falling with the sheriff badge, because whether they complete a winning combination or not – the badge will award you with a superb cash amount. We found this slot machine to be a medium variance with the potential to win big cash.

The Badlands Bounty slot machine has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.00%.