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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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A blaring noise, which is the only way to describe the music coming through the speakers when this game loads up, is probably not the best way to start off one of your products, but Merkur decided to incorporate it into their Candy and Fruits video slot in any case. Following this, a robotic voice calls out the title of the game, and then you’re able to begin playing. It’s hard to figure out where the developer was coming from when they decided upon naming this product in this way. While fruit does play a big part on the reels, candy doesn’t make so much of an appearance. There’s also a very generic arcade piece of music which plays whenever you spin the reels, not really fitting in with any kind of theme that may be occurring in the game.

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Sweet and Juicy Fruits?

There’s nothing wrong with applying traditional slot machine icons to your game, as long as they’re designed well enough to make it stand out. Merkur’s Candy and Fruits product doesn’t specifically overwhelm with intriguing design when it comes to the icons on the reels, but then again, they’re not dramatically bad, either. Everything is just very average, right down to the game interface. There’s a total of five reels and three rows, offering up a general layout to play on.

Meanwhile, players can take advantage of 10 different pay lines, all of which are customizable for those of you who enjoy toggling with such options. You’re also able to switch the value of your bet around by utilizing the plus and minus buttons on either side of the amount shown in the bottom right of the screen. This changes from $0.01 up to its maximum of $2.00 per active pay line. Therefore, if you have all 10 pay lines active, you can place a maximum overall wager of $20 per spin.

Where’s the Candy Treats?

Some of Merkur’s games are quite thin on the ground when it comes to special features or bonus items, and unfortunately, Candy and Fruits falls directly in to this category. It’s all fine and dandy that there’s grapes and lemons and plums and a selection of other fruits available on the reels, but slots players generally tend to enjoy having something a little extra to look forward to in a product.

That being said, there is a wild icon, which is represented by a basket full of fruits and a large diamond. This will substitute for any and all other symbols on the reels to form a winning combination.

The only other quality that has bee integrated into this game is its gamble feature. This is triggered at the end of every win, and will offer you the opportunity to gamble your winnings on one of two different games, or to collect them just as they are.

The first of these games is the ‘Ladder Gamble’, which provides you with a ladder of various different values. A light flashes between two points and your job is to hit the gamble button to stop it on one of them. If it stops on an actual value, your winnings are increased. Alternatively, if it stops on zero, you lose everything. The second is the ‘Card Gamble’ game, which requires you to guess the color of the next playing card turned over. Guess correct and your winnings are doubled, but guess incorrectly and you lose everything.

When a Good Idea Isn’t Working…Leave it Alone

It’s great that Merkur Gaming puts ideas together for some interesting slots products, but it’s just a bit unfortunate that one or two of them, this one being no exception, aren’t executed well enough. On paper, Candy and Fruits could provide a nice game to play, full of candy canes or liquorice sticks alongside the fruits, and have special features which allow you freespins or a bonus round of making candies out of the fruits themselves, for example. What this product provides instead is a somewhat lack luster approach to a video slot.