Cash Fruits Plus Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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When you think of Merkur, you probably think of their higher profile games such as Captain Stack, rather than the classic dynamics of Cash Fruits Plus. And yet, although not as imaginative in design or gameplay, this simple 5-reels machine has plenty of charisma to have you bringing in some cold hard cash.

Sporting a very dated looking design, it is clearly not the most attractive real cash slot of its kind, nor does it have an abundance of variance, but what it lacks in depth it makes up in easy money and cheap bets.

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One Trick Pony

The crux of the matter with this game is that there’s only one special symbol, and that’s the scatter icon. At face value that sounds all well and good, as we’re used to getting free games when enough scatters appear, but in Cash Fruits Plus, there’s no free games. For whatever reason, the scatter merely awards cash prizes like the rest of the table, which begs the question why bother?

What makes this part of the paytable even more curious, is that the payout from the scatter is relatively low when compared with the top paying tile: you can get between 0.10 and 500 credits with the scatter, and yet between 1 and 10,000 with the number 7 (highest paying). Despite it being a head scratcher, we’ll take the perks where we can get them and appreciate the game for what it delivers us: simplistic, retro gaming.

Full Basket

Many slots have a gamble feature, but why stop at just one when you can have two – that certainly seems to have been what this brand was thinking when they implemented their two-way system. Users can either select a card game or a ladder game, both of which comes with their difficulties and simplicities. Personally, we find the guessing card option the easiest to play and the less volatile.

Perhaps what we savour most though isn’t actually being able to gamble, but the fact that we can cash some of what we’ve won already, essentially decreasing the risk factor with these double or nothings. For example, if you select the card option, prior to selecting which colour you think will be revealed, you can say whether you want to collect half the earnings or simply collect in full.

Collecting in full ends the round, but collecting half ensures you don’t lose everything if luck abandons you. It’s a great failsafe, and while not overly generous in nature, it takes the sting out of our failures.

Fixed into Place

Sometimes you get the chance to explore your flexibility in slot machines, and others you do not. With Cash Fruits Plus that flexibility is restricted to the max. You’re given 5 winlines, all of them fixed in place.

A lot of gamers will initially see this as a bad sign, for they prefer customising prior to playing, but the fixed rate ensures a certain level of volatility, often less aggressive than if you could alter the winlines yourself. Imagine if users could reduce the number from 5 to 1, they’d have an extremely hard interface to interact with, thus lowering their win rate, but with the fix in place they get medium volatility instead. It isn’t much of a consolation, but at least there is one to savour.

Getting Social

Social media was made for us to be social, hence the name, so nothing quite beats being able to share our experiences online. When you’re playing Cash Fruits Plus, you can share your progress and winnings across some of your accounts, such as Facebook, the primary port of online socialising for all. Not only does it enable you to brag about becoming a high roller, but it also means your friends can get involved, and so you can (in a roundabout way) game together.

Feeling Fruity

Cash Fruits Plus acts and plays how it sounds it will, with limited variance and reasonable difficulty. It’s the epitome of classic slot machines, and so should be popular among vintage gamers with a deep appreciation for minimalist controls.