Coin of Cornucopia Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Being presented with a 4-reel setup is not something a gamer is given everyday, for the typical dynamic of an online slot is either 5 reels or 3, with few exceptions. However, those going against the grain do exist, as Coin of Cornucopia is here to show us.

Delivered in a 4×4 grid, it has an unusual layout with which to work with. What is more, it only has one symbol through the entire game, making this a combination of a slot and an instant win. With so much changed up and out of the norm, can Merkur hope to keep us entertained?

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Gold and Grey

One of the first aspects of this real cash slot you’ll notice, besides the obvious grid size, is that there’s no specific theme to connect with. Even though there’s a rich woodland scene behind the matrix of images, the majority of the design is merely gold and grey. Although this makes for an unusual appearance, it doesn’t exactly instill interest or suspense within us, which could lead to users being put off before they bother to explore.

In another curious move by the brand, the title has been placed in the lower left hand corner, rather than atop the grid; while it helps to focus your attention on the gameplay rather than the name, it makes the activity feel inferior somehow. It’s almost as if the worth of the game is being downplayed, which of course breeds uncertainty in potential players.

Golden Lady

Seeing as there’s only a single tile to seek, this part may feel unnecessary to you, but allow us to show you why understanding the golden lady is hugely important to your time with Coin of Cornucopia.

Firstly, by identifying the patterns she appears in, you can hope to make sense of where your wins fall and where they don’t; the grid doesn’t offer a user friendly indication of active winlines. The only way you become aware of the 10 in use is when the lines are briefly displayed on the screen. As a result, knowing how many matches lead to what wins is vital to your success.

What is more, the rules of winning have been altered to fit into the dynamics of this abnormal game, meaning that instead of between three and five matches, you need at least four, and that’s just the beginning. You can have between 2 winning lines and a maximum of 10. However, don’t be fooled into thinking a winning line merely refers to the number of icons upon it, for it does not; users need 4 symbols on at least two lines for a win to be registered.

Limited Variance

Taking into account what we’ve just discussed, it’s going to surprise no one that the variance here is incredibly low, to the point where the gameplay becomes dull in quick succession; after two spins you’ve seen all you can. Moreover, even though the variety is limited, the volatility isn’t, meaning gamers have to deal with one of Merkur’s most challenging slots to date.

This means that only users experienced with high challenge slots should bother pursuing Coin of Cornucopia because it’s definitely not friendly to those without ample knowledge. By all means play along if you want to, but you’re in for one bumpy ride.

Coins Aplenty

This might seem like we’re backtracking on ourselves here, especially having said how tough this activity is, but there’s a lot of coinage to be won here if you play your reels right. If winning big is your one and only goal, then you’re going to have to crank that bet range all the way to 20. Any less and you won’t get the juicy 10,000 top win.

Users that stick with the accessible 0.10 stake will find that the most they can ever hope to achieve is a prize of 50 credits, which comes from 10 winning lines of 4 symbols.

Leave the Lady Be

We’ve tried to see the merits in this game, but with such a steep challenge from the beginning all the way to the finale, we’re having a hard time doing that. Coin of Cornucopia isn’t your run of the mill slot, and while change is good to keep the industry from stagnating, it feels like Merkur have presented gamers with an impossible task.