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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Predictability is something that all slot machine players have to deal with when seeking out new titles, for the industry has given us so many familiar themes and paytables that we’ve become used to being bored. Not with Coin of Gods though. In this real cash slot a distinct shift has been made in order to tackle the issue head on, immediately giving you respite from the norms of online slots.

In place of a 3×5, 3×4 or 1×3 grid, you have a 4×4 one, a layout that isn’t seen all that often. Moreover, you have a greatly reduced paytable to interact with and yet there’s 10 fixed winlines to make your victories over. Something doesn’t seem to be adding up, but there’s no way of putting your finger on it without playing.

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Ancient Greece

For those of you who have played with Merkur for many years, you’ll notice that this matrix bears an uncanny resemblance to Coin of Cornucopia. However, unlike there where the theme had no sense of direction, in Coin of Gods it is very much based around Ancient Greek culture and architecture.

What this means, first and foremost, is that the interface is much more engaging and visually stunning, which ensures boredom is kept at bay – you tire less easily when playing an attractive game. Furthermore, there’s an immersive dynamic added to the gameplay that was missing from its sister slot.

Making Lines

Winning lines are the bread and butter of slot machines, but in Coin of Gods they become even more crucial to your playthrough, and it’s all because of the volatility you have to work with.

Traditionally you need to match three, four or five symbols on an active winline and the coins come in, but in this game you have to get at least two lines of four matches before the bare minimum payment can be made. And that win is only worth 0.20 on the lowest pay-in. Just to make sure we don’t focus on only the lower half of the paytable, let’s take a look at the top end: 10 lines are needed if you’re to get the goods.

So why the lines and not just symbols? It’s because there’s only one symbol to find, and once again it’s a golden lady which you seek. This engraved coin will be the the primary focus of all your hard work, so make sure to study her beauty well.

Spin and Win

Figuring out how to play with Coin of Gods couldn’t be simpler, for the control panel has been narrowed down to deliver a basic interface with minimal widgets. Instead of being bombarded with loads of options, you have to decide between your bet amounts and whether to spin manually or not.

Despite this being great in terms of use, it certainly gives the sensation that you have little say over your experience with Merkur, therefore giving a generic playthrough rather than a tailor made one. Customisation might be a bane to some gamers, but to others it’s what makes a title good or bad.

There’s the ability to alter how many automatic rounds you play, if you even bother to use them, but aside from that you’re restricted to the dynamics given. It’s a rigid experience, even despite it appearing to be the opposite.

A False God

Coin of Gods might offer a pretty aesthetic, but that’s about as far as the fun goes with this once, unless fun to you is about struggling until your cash has disappeared. We admire Merkur for its innovation, for that’s always a good quality for any brand to have, but when it’s one that hasn’t actually improved on the original format, we can’t help but see how unnecessary it is.

A good slot to try out if you’re seeking a change of pace, but that’s the only true benefit we see from playing Coin of Gods.