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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Diamond & Gold is a classic real cash slot that lacks on visual impact, and appears to be lacking even when it comes down to the variance of gameplay, yet it still manages to attract a crowd. The reason for that appears to be due to the simplicity of the reels and the prizes that they can reward you. A lot of modern slots tend to go over the top with extravagant designs to win us over, and in doing so they bombard us to the point that we’re overwhelmed, but with old games they don’t do that. There’s a subtlety in their behaviour, and for purist users out there, that’s enough.

Made of the typical 5 reels and 20 winlines, this is a slot machine of an average size and depth, with the conventional 3×5 format offering us comfort and familiarity. Even though there’s not much to engage with from the paytable, the controls are simple to use, allowing for a speedy playthrough. This is most ideal for those of you who prefer dipping in and out of gaming, rather than being tied down and absorbed by it.

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Shimmering Splendour?

Having glimpsed the matrix prior to playing, we have to admit that we were far from impressed; the brand had gone for a sparkling aesthetic, minus all the sparkling bits. There are plenty of gemstones upon the reels, as well as gold tones warming the title found above the slots, but there’s no depth to the colours you see. This is a flat 2D experience, which sadly does little to lift our spirits about playing this title.

According to the information surrounding this slot, it’s one of Merkur’s newer games, and yet it looks extremely dated, almost like these gemstones have been buried and only recently dug up. They look dusty, worn and above all, unappealing. We’d like to be able to say that this isn’t normal for the brand, but it seems that Merkur tend to put little effort into their designs.

Open Chest

Seeing as we’re not exactly painting the most rosy of pictures when it comes to Diamond & Gold, it’s about time we introduced you to some positives of the paytable, and that means the scatter symbol. Taking the form of a treasure chest, its form reveals piles of gold waiting to be rubbed between your sweaty palms; all you need to do is get at least three icons for that to happen.

You’ll only be given five spins for your troubles, which seems on the low side to us. Nonetheless, while the five games may sound pointless in their worth, there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel: there’s wilds frozen into place on the first and fifth reels. By having two whole reels covered in wilds, you stand to gain more winning lines during this feature alone.

Play it Again

We get that the idea of playing Diamond & Gold again may sound optimistic, which is why we’ve searched out another couple of games that fit the bill instead, should you long for a change. They may look different in appearance, and they definitely are when it comes to the brands, but these hand picked slots have a similar level of difficulty and features. This is assuming you like the experience you’ve had with Merkur so far, if you haven’t, you’re best branching out and exploring the brands by yourself.

One game that comes highly recommended, only this time from IGT, is Shamrocks. This slot has the same level of volatility, same number of winlines, and the exact same grid size. There’s a few distinct contrasts, like the fact that it has wilds while Diamond & Gold doesn’t, but that just means you get to experience something extra whilst sampling the industry.

No Pot of Gold

Having searched the end of the rainbow of this game, we can confirm that there’s no pot of gold waiting for us. There’s money, but only for those that have the money (and patience) to play that long. Nevertheless, we should give this slot its due and say that it’s good for those of an old school disposition, who enjoy being challenged when they’re playing for big bucks.